Top tips for creating and producing on-demand fitness content

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Give your customers the best on-demand fitness experience by following our tips for high-quality video creation and production.

Give your customers the best on-demand fitness experience by following our tips for high-quality video creation and production.

No one will be happier that you now offer on-demand fitness videos than your clients. Providing extra content to watch when they can't make it to class or want a little more of you will go a long way in keeping them happy and invested. But before getting started on launching your On Demand library and posting every fitness video you have ever recorded, it's important to consider your clients' expectations, how to go the extra mile with your content, and ensure that they are getting the best value from your on-demand services.

So with that in mind, we have created a roundup of the top tips for keeping your on-demand engaging and best practices for delivery and production.

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Types of on-demand content

While there are many forms of on-demand content, the two most common forms we will focus on in this article are:

  • Class recordings
  • Pre-recorded videos

Though very similar, class recordings are typically collected from your live in-person or online classes and pre-recorded videos involve you filming yourself demonstrating or showing your clients how to do a workout. In a class recording, you will most likely have your clients who attended the class in the recording while a pre-recorded video can be just you or another instructor from your gym or studio. Regardless of whether you choose to offer one or the other or both, the importance of offering fun, engaging, and effective content remains the same.

How to create engaging on-demand content

Your clients don't want to simply watch you on the screen, they want to feel like you're right there with them. Finding ways to motivate them even though you are not there is crucial in creating high-quality on-demand content. Keep in mind that even though your clients will most likely subscribe to your on-demand content (because they find your in-person content valuable and it is included in their memberships), that doesn't mean you shouldn't put every ounce of energy into creating engaging and effective videos. If you want to ensure your clients continue to purchase your prepaid and recurring membership plans and subscribe to your on-demand content, here's how to do so:

Bring the same level of energy you would to a live class

One of the biggest draws to group fitness is the high level of energy and enthusiasm from both the teacher or trainer and the clients. Without the camaraderie and excitement from your clients, it can take a minute to feel comfortable or motivated to teach the way you do in front of a live class. However, while it might be easier for you to teach live, you should still go into every video recording with that same high level of energy for your clients. Remember that when they watch your video what they want is you so giving them your all will keep them engaged and motivated, too.

Talk to your clients and acknowledge them throughout your video

While it may seem a bit strange or unfamiliar talking to a screen or camera as if it were one of your clients, it can make all the difference for their motivation. Using coaching phrases and call outs to your clients throughout the video will enhance the feeling that you are there and that they're not watching a video or recording. For example, saying "for those of you at home" or "don't give up," "keep going" "almost there" and other comments that you would typically use in class can help your clients stay focused and push through. Treat your on-demand content as if you were teaching to one client or to 100 clients, each of whom deserves your full undivided attention for the duration of your workout.

Write detailed names and descriptions for class - including what they do or do not need

It's not uncommon that your clients watching your videos may not have all the equipment or gear that you typically use in your classes. Using creative and detailed names and descriptions for your on-demand content, for example, "Bodyweight Exercises" "No equipment needed HIIT class" "Mat Pilates" can not only let your clients know exactly what to expect but also if that class is right for them.

This is also where you can shine and really let your creativity flow to encourage new members to check out your videos. If clients have taken live online or in-person classes with you before, they may have a better idea of what your class content or workouts typically consist of. Be sure to keep those who may not have ever taken a class with you in mind when you are listing new classes and videos. Need extra tips for learning how to write the best class names and descriptions? Check out our guide, here.

Differentiate your offering between classes and on-demand content

A healthy mixture of class recordings and new content will give your clients the flexibility to choose how they want to engage. Keep things fresh and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to offer something new and interesting to your clients.

It doesn't hurt to switch up your class content and on-demand content to offer something a little different on both. If you need a quick way to encourage your clients to check out your videos, offering something they can't get in class can be a big motivator in subscribing to your on-demand services and watching. Focus on always providing a high-quality experience and your clients won't ever feel the need to look for content elsewhere.

But stay consistent in style and format

On the other hand, consistency is key. While you can offer something slightly different between your class and on-demand content, remember that the style and format should remain consistent across both formats. On-demand is an addition to what you already offer, and all new services should always be marketed to your clients as an upgrade to what you already offer, not something completely different or foreign to what they know and love. A healthy mixture of services can help you offer an even better product that your clients will want to take complete advantage of.

Get other trainers, coaches, and teachers involved

Another quick way to earn some quick buzz and attention for your content is by asking other trainers, teachers, and coaches to get involved. You can let your pals host a guest class or share some of their own content in your library to offer something exciting and new to your clients. It's fun to mix it up and bringing in new coaches and teachers who can offer a little something extra to your clients. You can both broaden your community and attract new members as well as encourage your pals' communities to join. You can help each other build interest and give both of your client groups content they can't get anywhere else.

Participate and do the full workout

Although demonstration and instruction in recorded videos are definitely necessary, simply going through the motions is not going to hook your clients. It is so much more effective for you to also go through the workout, show how to do things correctly, and genuinely participate. The more your clients see how engaged you are in the video and workout, the more they will be too. Remember, they want to work out with you and to feel like you are there with them. Think about how you would teach clients who are right there with you and apply the same teaching style to your videos with an even bigger emphasis on giving it your all.

Offer different time lengths

Holding the attention of your clients in class is hard enough, so trying to do so at home with several distractions all around is even harder. Though it is up to your customer to stay focused and complete the workout on their own, you can help them out by offering different video lengths so that your customer can select to watch one they know they can complete. Even if they have 10 or 15 minutes and want to get in a workout, seeing that you offer content for that specific time or around that time length will encourage them to take advantage of that time they have and work out.

Ask your clients what they'd like to see

There's no better way to find out what your clients would like to see in your videos than by asking. Send your clients a survey in your newsletter, post a poll on social media, or ask them individually for their feedback, what they enjoy, and what they'd like to see more of. Their helpful responses can help you provide better-dedicated class content and offer more of what they want.

They'll feel super motivated that you took their suggestions and value their opinions, and they'll be more likely to tell their friends and family about how much value they get from your services. You could even go the extra mile and show your customers who gave you feedback a little extra gratitude by giving them a free class credit or access to exclusive content. By showing your clients how much you value their opinion, they'll show you gratitude back by staying loyal to you and by encouraging others to check you out.

Now that you know the best ways to keep your clients engaged, the next step is learning how to produce and deliver unbeatable value and content.

Best practices for on-demand content production

If you already run online classes then filming for your on-demand videos will be a breeze. The principles for delivery and production remain the same. You need to have good lighting, great sound and visuals, and not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. No matter whether you will offer pre-recorded videos or class recordings videos, or both, our tips for setting up and production will steer you in the right direction:

Choose the right space to film your videos

Keep in mind that your clients have their own living space to organise and tidy. The last thing they need is to turn on a video only to be distracted and unmotivated by your own messy room. Putting a big effort into creating a neat and uncluttered space where you teach and film your videos can provide your clients with not only a better view but a motivated and focused attitude. Think of your teaching space as if you were transporting your clients to an actual gym or studio. Clear backgrounds, attractive decor, and an aesthetic and visually pleasing view can give your clients both something nice to look at and less of a chance to be distracted while watching.

Make sure your audio and music are clear

Your clients need to be able to hear you clearly and it can very frustrating if there is background noise, the music is too loud, or there are distracting sounds that take away from class. In a live online class, you have the convenience of being able to ask your clients if they can hear you or if you need to adjust the music, while in a video you do not. Play around and test run before publishing your video to make sure you are delivering the best version and quality and that your customers won't be distracted by bad audio.

Set the lighting

It goes without saying that your clients need to be able to see you in your video. Not only to ensure they are doing things correctly but also to feel like you are present with them in the workout. When choosing the space where you record your videos make sure that it is also properly lit with a clear background to give you enough light, but not too much so that you can't be seen. You can also invest in an affordable light ring if you want to elevate the lighting or prop a white backdrop up behind you to avoid any distracting lights or motions.

Play with the angles

As you are not teaching live in 3D, it can very helpful for your clients to record multiple angles so that they can see the proper positions. You can either choose to transition your stances during the workout to show the different views, or you can use the different cameras on your laptop, USB camera, and mobile device to capture all the angles while you remain in the same location.

Make eye contact

Just as it is important to speak to your clients in your video it's also important to make eye contact. Remember that you want to evoke the feeling that you are right there with them and talking directly to the client watching the video. Look directly at the camera, engage, make comments and when you are teaching so that your client really believes you are there.

Remember, consistency is key. While it may take a little while to feel like you really get the hang of on-demand content and filming, don't give up. Nailing these components from the start will help you offer a high-quality and valuable product and experience to your clients that they'll want to take full advantage of.

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