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Jessica Armstrong
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Listen to the top fitness industry podcasts episodes with TeamUp and learn how to be a guest on them too.

Listen to the top fitness industry podcasts episodes with TeamUp and learn how to be a guest on them too.

It's no secret that the TeamUp team loves podcasts. Whether we're working on a marketing guide, testing a new feature, planning launches and campaigns, or even during our own workouts, you can bet at any given time someone from our team is listening to a podcast.

Which is why when thinking about the best ways to share news about our community, customer stories, what we're working on at TeamUp, and what we have coming up, podcasts were a natural fit.

Over the past few months, we have been welcomed as guests on some of the top fitness podcasts across the industry and want to give you an easy place to find new episodes we are on. We'll be updating this list regularly, so don't forget to save this page to come back and check out the excellent fitness and community podcasts we're a guest on.

TeamUp podcasts

Check out the podcasts featuring TeamUp below

Fit Pro Lead Gen Podcast

Fitpro Lead Gen Show

To kick off 2023 on the FitPro Lead Gen Show, get ahead of the game and join us this week as we dive into the top trends and industry drivers for the year ahead! Our guest for this episode is Jessica Armstrong, the Community and Partnerships Manager for TeamUp! Jessica has a wealth of experience in Hospitality, Travel, and Fitness marketing, with over seven years in the industry. We're excited to share her insights and perspectives on what will be the key needle-movers in 2023, and we know you'll benefit greatly from her expertise. We'll be discussing retention tactics, the importance of building strong relationships (not just with your clients!), and the shift in client mentality towards a more holistic approach to health. Don't miss out on this episode full of actionable insights and strategies to help your fitness business thrive in 2023!

Listen to the episode on: Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Anchor FM

Big Idea Big Moves


In season 3, episode 28, Tim Green: Gyms and Small Business Getting Stronger, The Amazon Impact and Client Experience, of the Big Idea Big Moves Podcast host Jamie Allison and Tim Green discuss the growth of TeamUp since launching in 2012 and how having a strong system paired with an excellent customer experience is the future of being a successful fitness business. They walk through the experience fitness customers are having as in-person fitness makes its long-awaited comeback and the effect of online services in brick and mortar businesses. Check out the podcast to learn what you can do to make your customer experience stronger than ever.

Listen to the episode on Spotify and Apple.

Chalking Fitness


In episode #93, Business Basics with TeamUp, of the Chalking Fitness Podcast, host Tom Marquez and Tim Green talk about the importance of having a digital presence and software to grow your CrossFit box and engage with members. They explore the membership journey from the moment a customer first inquires to become a loyal box member. Enjoy their discussion and see what software can do to help you enable automation in your affiliate and still build a meaningful bond and relationship with your members.

Listen to the episode on Spotify and Apple.

Gym Owners' Fitness Business Podcast with Mel Tempest


In the TeamUp Fitness Management Software episode of the Gym Owners' Fitness Business Podcast, host Mel Tempest, and Tim Green discuss how the industry is evolving and what fitness consumers are looking for today in physical classes and in online content. They discuss how TeamUp has navigated the pandemic, leading in offering its customers the fastest way to get online during lockdown, and what online fitness will look like in a post-pandemic world. Listen to the episode to find out what fitness models and formats lead to success and how to create a community in your gym built to last.

Listen to the episode on: Spotify and Apple.

Mastering the Business of Yoga (M.B.Om)


In the episode Marketing a Yoga Business & Trends for 2022 with Tim Green of the M.B.Om podcast, host Amanda Kingsmith and Tim Green discuss the valuable marketing strategies yoga businesses should implement to stand out in the market. They explore how software like TeamUp can help automate these marketing opportunities to better engage with members and improve the customer experience of their yoga clients. They also discuss which trends yoga teachers and studio owners should look out for in 2022 and how to take advantage of those trends.

Listen to the episode on Spotify and Apple.

The Digital Executive Podcast with Brian Thomas


In Episode 410 of the Digital Executive Podcast with Brian Thomas, The Little Things All Contribute to the Really Big Changes in Your Life with Executive Tim Green, host Brian Thomas and Tim Green discuss the future of fitness and what to expect in 2022. They dive into why all the little things in your business and in the industry contribute to building your community and the big evolving changes in your life.

Listen to the episode on: Spotify and Apple.

Tips on securing a guest spot on a podcast

These podcast hosts and more are always on the lookout for guests who have inspiring stories, news to share, or business advice that can help others in the fitness community be successful. After participating as a guest in a number of podcasts here are a few tips that will help you land a guest spot on them too:

1. Find podcasts that resonate with you and your target clientele

Podcast charts on Spotify, Apple, and Google are good indicators of which podcasts are garnering a lot of attention, listeners and subscribers. But before reaching out to each one, dig deeper and find the podcasts that really resonate with you and who you are trying to reach.

Do some research on their audiences, past episodes, and their social media and understand the message they want to convey and if that aligns with yours. This is the best way to ensure the podcasts you reach out to will accept you as a guest and have you on their show.

2. Don't be afraid to pitch yourself

Most podcast hosts and their teams welcome guests, and with so many different businesses across the industry, it can be hard for them to spot which people to reach out to. Which is why it's up to you to pitch yourself and recommend yourself for one of their speaking spots.

Don't be afraid to share your story, what makes you and your business stand out, and help these hosts make a difference in their community. They are looking for people like you, you just have to let them know you're keen and why they should have you on.

3. Listen to previous episodes and come prepared

Typically podcasts have a theme or style they prefer to follow. For example, CrossFit podcasts will often welcome box owners or athletes and they'll often discuss the CrossFit Games, WODs, new trends in CrossFit, or tips to scale up and be a successful athlete. Many yogis will often speak about what they're seeing in the yoga industry, inspirational and motivational stories about how yoga has improved someone's life.

You never want to walk into a podcast as a guest not knowing about it first or you'll run into having an awkward conversation and it won't make for a good episode. The host and their team will be doing homework on you before having you on and you should do the same.

4. Remember that it's a conversation and engagement is key

The podcast format has garnered so much popularity for its short to long-form interview and conversational style. The best podcasts are ones where the guest and host have meaningful, entertaining, and engaging conversations. The worst podcasts are ones where the host asks the guest questions and the guest gives short, unengaging replies with little to no more collaboration.

Give your host something to work with and help them be prepared by sharing things you'd like to talk about that their audience and listeners will enjoy and respond well to.

5. After being a guest, market the episode

A podcast is only successful if people listen to it. Thank your host for having you on by spreading the love and sharing the episode with your community, on your social channels, on your website, and in your newsletter. Your community will want to hear from you and celebrate this incredible opportunity so don't be afraid of sharing your podcast episodes with them to listen.

Enjoy listening to podcasts and want even more to listen to?

Check out our recent blog posts on the best podcasts to listen to across the fitness, yoga, and CrossFit industries.

We love finding new podcasts to listen to and participate in. If you have a suggestion for a podcast we should check out, drop us a message with the podcast name and link at and we'll be sure to reach out and let them know a loyal listener gave them a recommendation

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