Milestone emails: recognise your customer's outstanding progress

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Let your customers know they have hit a major milestone at your gym or studio by sending them a milestone email.

Let your customers know they have hit a major milestone at your gym or studio by sending them a milestone email.

We added a powerful new milestone email notification builder to TeamUp. Now you have the ability to create your very own milestones for your customers. A milestone represents when a customer of a gym or studio reaches a certain achievement in their membership or class attendance. It can mark the length of their membership at your gym or studio or congratulate them for their incredible attendance over a period of time.

Tim attended 50 classes this year

Jessica reached a year of her membership

Matt hit his 100th yoga class

All of these are examples of milestones you can set for your customers when they reach a similar momentous occasion or anniversary at your gym.

female customer celebrating 1 year of membership milestone

Send a milestone email to your customer

Milestones are moments to celebrate with your customers. Not only does coming to a certain number of classes or length of the membership show their customer loyalty to you, but that is a huge accomplishment in their personal fitness journey progress.

TeamUp's latest feature, milestone notifications, gives you the opportunity to let your customers know either before or after class that they will or have hit their milestone in that class. Celebrate with them by creating a milestone email that will be sent directly to their inbox.

How to create a milestone in TeamUp

Creating a milestone email in TeamUp is very similar to sending any other type of notification or email. In order to create a milestone, you must first decide what that is and what your customer will earn for reaching it.

Is a milestone determined by the number of classes a customer has attended? Is it by the length of a membership? Or do you want to have multiple milestone options? As a gym owner, you get to decide. You can also change and update them down the line.

To get started, head to the notifications section of your TeamUp dashboard. Under the class registrations, you will find the updated milestone option. Click the details on the right-hand side to start creating your own.

image of class registration notifications

In the pre/post class + milestone notifications you can filter by any class type and any venue. But first, you need to create your milestone notification. Start by selecting add notification.

image of the pre/post class + milestone notifications

You can select any combination of interval and special conditions.

The first condition to define is whether you want to send the milestone email before or after class, and how long before or after they will receive it.

A pre-class reminder: "Today is your 50th class with us! We can't wait to celebrate in class."

A post-class alert: "Congratulations! Today's class marked your 1 year anniversary at our gym."

Once you decide, you can customise the time by hour or minutes.

image of the intervals for sending a milestone notification

Milestone notification can be sent for all types of classes and venues or select ones. Make sure that the class status shows attending when you apply these conditions.

image of the conditions of when to send a milestone email

Your advanced options are where you create the actual milestone. A regular notification can be sent every time the conditions you selected are met, but a milestone notification is sent only when the conditions are met for a customer a certain number of times. You can update this advanced setting at any time.

image of the advanced options for milestones

Once your conditions are set, you can prepare your milestone email to send to your customer. Just as you would any other email, you can add placeholders to the email subject and body to include your customer's name and the name of the class. Here's your chance to show your customer how much they mean to you and congratulate them for their accomplishment at your gym or studio.

image of the email templates for milestones

You can also include in your email what their reward is for accomplishing the milestone. An extra session, a free class, bringing a friend, you name it!

image of the pre-class email saved

Once you have created and saved your email, you check the conditions as well as preview your email to your customer. You will find your milestone notification and your other pre/post class and milestone notifications in your list.

image of all pre/post class + milestone notifications

Head to your TeamUp dashboard to start sending milestone emails to your customers. Find more tips on celebrating your customers with milestone emails, here.


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