Ask questions to welcome your customers

Use custom forms to welcome newcomers with respect and curiosity.

Use custom forms to welcome newcomers with respect and curiosity.

When a new customer comes to your business, you want to make their experience is warm and welcoming. You want to answer their questions about what to wear, what classes to attend first, what to expect, what it costs, what gear to bring... and, you don't want to overwhelm them with too much information.

This balancing act of welcoming new customers is called the onboarding experience. To make it easy for yourself, use tools to be organised about it.

"Marketing" is a bit of a dirty word, so "custom marketing information form" might turn you off. But this is the exact place where you can figure out exactly how to onboard your customers moving forward.

Helping a new customer by asking relevant questions

This is a chance to get to know your customers. What would you ask your customers if you had the chance? What about questions like...

  • How did you find out about us?
  • What days of the week do you prefer to come to the studio?
  • What classes most interest you? (Speedy cardio classes, Slow stretch classes, A combination of both, Somewhere in the middle)
  • What volume of music do you like? (Low, medium, loud)
  • What type of music do you like to work out to (click all that apply)? (Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Electric, Country, Metal, Indie, R&B, 80's, 90's, 10's)
  • What kind of fitness activities have you engaged in in the past?
  • What are the other kinds of fitness activities do you do now?

Think about what you need to know to tailor the experience for your client. Certain questions in themselves can be welcoming and show that you want to get to know them.

But, beware of asking too many questions. Only you know what your business needs - and doesn't need - to make your customer experience thoughtful and intuitive.

You can build this approach over time. Start gently and then add questions that become important as your business grows.

How to add a form in TeamUp

First, head to forms in the menu. You'll see this:

image customer sign-up form

Click "add a new form."

image pre-registration/pre-purchase form

There, you can add new fields. 

image of new form

There's no limit to how many fields you can add, or what kinds of fields you can add. After asking the question, you can request that customers answer by line of text, long text, yes or no, date, whole number, decimal, one choice, one of more choices, full address, or phone number.

image of form fields

After you've added all the fields you need, check your completed form.

image of creating a customer field

Indicate when you want your form to go to customers...

image of form fields - getting to know you

...and whether you want any of the questions to be asked repeatedly on a schedule.

image of asking your customers to resubmit their data

Forms are a powerful part of how you welcome newcomers to your business. They help you get to know your customers, and to welcome them with respect and kindness.