What are people looking for in online fitness classes?

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The question many gym and studio owners are looking to answer right now is 'how do I attract customers to my online fitness classes' and 'how can I replicate the same in-person value online'? These tips will point you in the right direction.

The question many gym and studio owners are looking to answer right now is 'how do I attract customers to my online fitness classes' and 'how can I replicate the same in-person value online'? These tips will point you in the right direction.

Online classes can be somewhat of an enigma at the start. Trainers aren't always quite sure how they'll be able to manage their customers from a distance. Customers want to make sure they are getting the most out of their classes. And owners want to ensure they can continue their business's success no matter whether that's in or out of the gym.

So what exactly are people looking for in online fitness classes? What makes them want to come to class and stick with them regularly? Here are a few clues.

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Wider access to trainers and instructors

Now that classes aren't tied to a specific venue or location, you now have an opportunity to bring in customers that may not have been able to come to your classes before. When people sign up for a gym or studio, they are not only investing in their fitness, they're also investing in the quality of trainers and instructors. To connect with those potential customers and get them to buy into your fitness business, make sure they know your trainers and instructors are the most qualified to lead them on their fitness journeys.

High-value classes for clients and fitness coaches alike

Although on the face of it switching to online means no access to your studio or space, your classes are not just about the costs, they are about the value that your customers receive.

If you are switching to online classes for a short period then don't automatically think that you need to discount. Customers are part of your community and they value the overall benefits of their relationship with you as their fitness coach. For one to one personal training, your time investment is the same regardless of the venue. For a massage therapist that might not be true.

Make sure that no matter where or how you are giving your online classes, your pricing reflects the value of your classes. For more information on building your pricing strategy check out this guide.

Flexibility to workout anytime, anywhere

One of the biggest perks to working out online is the flexibility to do so anytime anywhere. All a person should need to be able to come to class online is WiFi and a device. This makes it easier to keep up with one's fitness routine without struggling to fit it into a busy schedule.

One to one guidance from expert trainers

A major draw for online classes is not only access to experts and quality trainers but more availability and more time to connect one on one. When at home and in a familiar, comfortable setting, customers have an opportunity to let their guard down and be more vulnerable when it comes to their fitness needs and desires. Everyone is looking for guidance on how to achieve their fitness goals, and many people feel more comfortable doing so when there is a screen in between them and the other person.


Now that you know what your customers and new potential customers are looking for in online fitness classes, here are a few TeamUp tips that can help you motivate them to attend.

Offer a flexible schedule

Whether you maintain your calendar or class schedule and sync it with your in-person classes, know that some of your customer's schedules' may need to change to reflect their personal situations.

This could work in your favour with less restriction on peak vs off-peak space availability. It could also enable you to coach clients in different time zones if building your online class business becomes a core part of your business.

Don't require your customers to use specific equipment unless advised in advance

Your customers may not have the specific exercise equipment you have in your gym or studio. Make your classes easier to follow by either recommending your customers purchase these products in advance or let them know what they can use as an alternative. If your customer has been a long time client of yours or is very versed in your type of fitness, they may already have their own workout equipment, but save yourself the awkward conversation and assumption that they do. A good way to handle this would be before it becomes an issue is to use your forms and documents tool to ask your customers if they own their own gym equipment at home and if so what, before planning your online workouts.

Increase your availability for one on one sessions

Make yourself more available for your customer's individual needs and goals with one on one classes and sessions. Dedicating a little extra time to each of your customers will go a long way in securing their customer loyalty for life. It's also a way to show your customers they care. Whether you include this in all of your normal packages or as a side offering, your customers who really value your time and influence will take advantage of the opportunity to meet with you one on one if it means you will focus on helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Use your TeamUp tools to offer online fitness classes

The tools within your TeamUp dashboard can help you offer online classes quickly, efficiently, and easily. Your first step is to create a Zoom account. Once you do so you can use TeamUp's integration to get your classes up and running and add them to your TeamUp calendar. Your customers will be able to come to class without needing their own Zoom account and will be automatically marked off the register when they enter the room. You can use this information and tracking to manage reports and check the results and data from your classes to decide how to continue or improve.

Plan ahead

Give your customers a heads up on what to expect in your online classes. Will you be offering new skills? Mixing it up from your typical in-person classes? Find out what stands out about your new class style and communicate the benefits.

If you need ideas for motivating your customers to come to classes online, check out our top tips, here. To learn more about TeamUp's software for your online fitness business, sign up for a free trial.

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