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TeamUp's latest update includes new triggers added to Zapier, TeamUp's most popular marketing integration.

TeamUp's latest update includes new triggers added to Zapier, TeamUp's most popular marketing integration.

Did you know that you can integrate your TeamUp account with all of your favourite marketing apps and websites using Zapier? If you haven't already linked your account up with Zapier now is the perfect time because TeamUp's newest update includes brand new triggers added to your Zapier account. With the new update, you can trigger Zaps to automatically connect even more customer data and information between your TeamUp account and marketing platforms.

teamup's zapier integration

What is Zapier and how does it integrate with TeamUp?

For those new to Zapier here's a quick breakdown. Zapier is a connecting software that takes data from one app and sends it to another via their API. Every time data is sent from your account to a platform, Zapier refers to this as a Zap. Zapier currently connects with over 3000+ platforms, many of which you are probably familiar with and use to automate your email marketing and customer communication. Zapier can take your customer membership information from TeamUp and automatically send it to any number of marketing platforms.

Once that data has been sent to those platforms, for example, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Infusionsoft, you can then automate your marketing communication, segment and target specific customers, create and customise email lists, and group customers. These functionalities are incredibly helpful especially with a large client list and customers who have interests in learning about particular sides or services of your business.

What the newest feature means for your account

Prior to this update, using the integration you could trigger a Zap when any of the following events took place in your TeamUp account:

  • Customer Created
  • Customer Updated
  • Customer Membership Created
  • Customer Membership Started
  • Customer Membership Ended
  • Customer Membership Cancelled

With this new update you can now also trigger a Zap for the following events:

  • Referral Created
  • Referral Confirmed
  • Customer Membership Ended
  • Customer Membership Completed
  • Class Registration
  • Class Attendee Removed
  • Class Attendee Late Cancelled
  • Class Attendee Checked Off
  • Class Attendee No-showed

and even newer:

  • Class/Appointment Ended
  • Course Session Ended

These new triggers can help you make even quicker decisions when it comes to your customers and your communication with them. You can also use these events to help you encourage customers who cancelled or ended their membership to renew customers who have no-showed to not miss future classes and customers who have referred how to refer even more customers and reward them with account credit.

Having this type of data and information readily available to you can also give your business an even more professional look and feel. You won't have to worry about staying monitoring every individual customer, and at the same time, you'll be able to able to identify them and check in with them whenever you want. The possibilities are limitless and the more data and information you are able to connect between the two, the better a relationship you can foster and grow with your customers.

Integrating your TeamUp account with Zapier

To take advantage of these new triggers you will first need to create a free Zapier account if you do not already have one. To do so you can enter your TeamUp settings and access Zapier directly from the integration settings and you'll be re-directed to Zapier to create your account or you can create your account directly using this link.

integrations in teamup

the zapier integration

getting started with zapier

teamup integration in zapir

Once you have your Zapier account up and running you'll be able to connect it with TeamUp or search for TeamUp within Zapier to start creating zaps using the new triggers.

zaps in teamup

To learn more about Zapier and its functionalities within your TeamUp dashboard, check out our support guides, here. You can find all of TeamUp's integrations to help you smoothly run your business, here.

Don't forget to check out our what's new section weekly for updates and new features.

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