Stripe payment integration now has automated verification messaging

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Stay up to date with your payments thanks to the updated Stripe verification. A banner will appear at the top of your TeamUp dashboard when you need to verify your Stripe account.

Stay up to date with your payments thanks to the updated Stripe verification. A banner will appear at the top of your TeamUp dashboard when you need to verify your Stripe account.

We've made it even easier to track your Stripe verification process. This is really helpful when you are first starting up your TeamUp account.

teamup stripe verification banner

TeamUp's Stripe integration

Let's look at some of the main benefits of the TeamUp Stripe integration. Processing your customers' payments online is even easier when you integrate your TeamUp account with one of our trusted partners, like Stripe. Stripe takes out the complexity of automating and collecting your customers' payments by allowing you to set up recurring online debit or credit card payments. By using a payment processor you have the added benefits of automatically receiving all payment details in advance, the ability to track and forecast all of your income and save your time and energy on chasing down your customers for missing and late payments. It's win-win!

Stripe not only makes it increasingly easy to collect payments, but it is also incredibly affordable with transaction fees for as little as 1.4% + £0.20 per transaction for euro cards and 2.9% + £0.20 per transaction for non-euro cards. We partner with Stripe because they focus on reliability and security and with Stripe, you will not have to worry about hidden fees popping up at all.

stripe teamup logos

Why Stripe? Easy, reliable streamlined payments

Gym and studio owners do not have time to spend chasing down customers for missing and late payments. And while, sure, you can monitor when a customer pays on a spreadsheet, all that ends up causing you is stress, hassle, and forces you to check and recheck again and again. When it comes to dealing with refunds or credits, you can't process those in a spreadsheet.

Stripe will not only alleviate you of any hassle, but it will help you streamline your payments, automate future payments, and easily help you refund your customers if need be.

With recurring online payments, your customers will only need to put their details in once when making a purchase, and Stripe will collect their payments monthly so neither of you has to do a thing. You'll secure money in your bank account and your customers will feel relieved they don't need to run to pay you for class. With the Stripe and TeamUp integration you can guarantee:

  • Safe reliable payments
  • Automated payment collection
  • Clear visible reporting in your TeamUp dashboard
  • Easy use and edits to customer details
  • Complete visibility. Know what's happening in your business at all times
  • Saved time, energy, and costs with no contracts, no subscriptions, and no charges for refunds

What TeamUp customers are saying about Stripe:

“I've had this type of member management software for ages and I think just being able to see how active our members are and also have recurring billing through Stripe is great.”

"I think one of the other things was the choice of partner, I think you picked Stripe for your merchant services. That's really integral, and again, it was much better than the NetBanks, who MINDBODY choose. I mean, it was such a convoluted system. Yours, it was all done. It was authorized, payments were taken, they were made seven days later. The reporting on that, again, is integral. And from an accountancy perspective and a cash flow perspective, it could not have been clearer."

"The payment options are much better (GoCardless and Stripe) and everything is generally more intuitive. Simple is best!"

How to get started collecting payments through Stripe

If you’re already a customer, just head to settings and select payments to get started. Once you have entered your payment settings you can select the Manage Payment Methods button.

payment settings in teamup

On the next page if you will see TeamUp's payment options, and Stripe listed under Online Credit/Debit Cards. To move forward you can select the Integrate button to begin the integration process.

payment methods in teamup

Once you have clicked the Integrate button you will be redirected to the Connect with Stripe page to create your account. Following the instructions below you will be taken to Stripe to fill out a brief form and create your account with Stripe. Once you complete your form you will be redirected back to TeamUp.

stripe settings in teamup

teamup page on stripe

Once you have been redirected back to TeamUp the integration box will be ticked and your status will show as Active. You are now ready to begin collecting online payments from your clients using Stripe.

online credit / debit cards payment processor

To manage how Stripe can be used for purchases and payments you can do so right from your TeamUp dashboard by selecting the Manage button within your Stripe settings. You will be redirected to the Stripe page and will be able to "Enable" or "Disable" Stripe from being used for any types of purchases made by your customers.

stripe settings

If you’re not yet a TeamUp customer, sign up for a free trial and you can link and create your Stripe account directly from your dashboard, as above.

To learn more about TeamUp's newest features and updates, check out our what's new section, and for more information on TeamUp's online payment options, visit our payments page.

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