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Avoid missed phone calls, emails, and texts from your customers. Your personalised activity feed is the key to staying up to date with your customers without having to check in on them daily.

Avoid missed phone calls, emails, and texts from your customers. Your personalised activity feed is the key to staying up to date with your customers without having to check in on them daily.

Update: This article was updated on November 6, 2020 to include filtering by customer and customer membership.

Reporting is one of the most helpful tools in keeping an eye on your customers. But sometimes it's even more valuable to simply see a quick overview of what they're up to without having to dig deeper. Using the newly improved activity feed you can easily see check on your customers' activity regarding your fitness business any time of the day.

happy user of the activity feed

Important features in the activity feed

Your activity feed gives you a personalised look at everything you want to know about your customers, any time. Using the many filters you can monitor registrations, membership packages, confirmations, and more. As well as organise your feed to make sure you are seeing the most important activities first. Let's start by taking a look at the three main activity feed filters, items, customer, and customer memberships.

image of the activity feed filters


Customers and customer memberships

The two newest features within the activity feed are the customer and customer memberships filter. You can now use these filters to search for specific customer activity within your feed or customer memberships which will give you the option to search by a customers' specific membership package. Using the item types filters you can combine the filters to find any type of information related to a certain customer and their package.

image of the customer filter in the activity feed

image of the customer membership filter in the activity feed

All item types

The all item types filter is a full menu that allows you to select a combination of which items and activity you would like to see within your feed. You can select from registrations, customers, memberships, invoices, and select or deselect to find the information you need.

image of activity feed filters

As the fitness owner, you have the power to decide what notifications, reminders, and customer activity is most important to running your business. Here are some of the top fields our customers care about the most.

Customer Class Registrations

See who registered for a class, where, when, and with what instructor. All class registrations are time-stamped allowing you to see how far in advance they signed up. Although you may not need to know every time a customer registers for a class, these details can help you check faster when you do, and see who is coming more often and to which class type.

This can also help you make better business decisions including whether to offer a certain class more or drop a class due to low attendance.

image of customer registrations


New Customers

See new customers and make decisions on the customer journey - do you want to add a new welcome email, or a 'how-to' that encourages them to download your Member App?

image of new memberships

Purchased Memberships

Your activity feed will also let you know when one of your customers has purchased a membership or class pack. Both new and existing members can purchase membership packages from your TeamUp link.

The low pack notifications will also remind you when one of your customers is running out of classes and needs to purchase a new membership or pack.

image of a new purchased membership

Activity Alerts

To accompany the activity feed you can also receive emails for specific types of alerts. Simply head to your activity alert settings to activate or deactivate notifications. You can always switch them back on or off again later.

image of the activity feed alerts

Time and Date

Organize your activity feed by time and date to check past notifications, keep up to date in real-time, and see what's coming up. If one of your customers booked a future class or inquired with you on what class they attended the week before, you'll be able to quickly check in your feed.

image of the time and date filter

Benefits of utilising the activity feed

Maybe you prefer checking your emails in the morning. Maybe you don't mind getting calls and texts throughout the day from your customers. But wouldn't it be so much easier to check your customer activity at your convenience? Our customers sure think so.

"TeamUp has changed everything. My clients love that they can log in and amend their bookings so easily from their phones and I love that they don't have to contact me to do this. My customers find the system very user friendly and are always able to make bookings without any trouble."

"It allows us to see who is coming in for sessions and plan accordingly."

"Loved all the new features, constantly improving and great personal touch."

To check out your own activity feed, head to your TeamUp dashboard or signup for a free trial.

Don't forget to check the what's new section weekly for new updates and improvements to your favourite TeamUp tools.

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