Why Louise Redmond signed up for TeamUp to run her online PT business

Follow along as Louise Redmond shares how she successfully runs and grew her online personal training and online group training using TeamUp's software.

"And now over the past year because of TeamUp and the help that it's given me, I've managed over two hundred and fifty people to help with their fitness and nutrition and health goals. So it's a wonderful process and I couldn't be where I am without it."

Why I use TeamUp to run my online PT business

My name is Louise Redmond and I run an online fitness, nutrition, health business, basically helping busy professionals to change their habits, change their lifestyle, improve their focus, improve their drive, their fitness, their moods, their health and all of these things just by being on a screen in front of them and working out with them, telling them, explaining to them what to do with a daily basis and putting them through the paces. I'm very much I do what they do, what they do what I do, and vice versa. And it's kind of an approach where this fits in around their life. Some of the results that we've had plenty of the results that we've just been absolutely phenomenal and fantastic, which has been my drive to keep going and helping people.

I found TeamUp completely by accident. I didn't know anything about it at all. So I'm actually an ex-military physical training instructor and I'm also a teacher. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, I was actually working in Saudi Arabia and I came home back to the U.K. and that contract ended and I was like, oh, no, what am I going to do right now? Like, I don't have a job. I literally had nothing. I was delivering classes online for free. We gave some money to a charity and I do a lot of charity work anyway. And a friend of mine who used to work in the military rang me up and said, Louise, if you're not charging for your sessions, you're doing something massively wrong. And I was a little bit like, oh, God, I can't ask people to pay for the sessions, that's too much. And actually, that's exactly what I needed to do because it was a business and it had the footprint of a business. But I just didn't know how to take it to the next step. And it wasn't a case of, you know, how do you take it from the online platform into a business platform and connect the two. And that's exactly what TeamUp did. And it's fantastic.

Every element of it is covered. So people have said to me, Louise, your app is brilliant. And I'm like, it's not actually my app, it's TeamUp's, it's an app for anybody to use. So it's got a calendar, a booking system, payment options. I can tell a member, if there's a class that's changed times or cancelled or amended or if there's going to be a promotion on, there are so many aspects to it. And it allows me to manage all of the people. And now over the past year, we're nearly coming a year, because of TeamUp and the help that it's given me, I've managed over two hundred and fifty people to help with their fitness and nutrition and health goals. So it's a wonderful process and I couldn't be where I am without it.

It was sink or swim really, wasn't it? And if you were going to put your head in the sand and just think, oh, god and wait until it passes, you were going to be waiting a year at least, if not more. You know, people that said, no, actually, I'm going to embrace this, do something with it, which is exactly what I did. And again, it was just by accident. But the roles that have happened since then have just been unbelievable. In January, I had over a hundred people sign up through a company that did a wellness program for all of that stuff because Coronavirus was having such a negative impact on that mood. So next week is the last week of over 100 people doing an eight-week online program with me. And that is just unbelievable. You know, it's just absolutely phenomenal. And the majority of them are going to continue and stay on with me because they love what we do so much.

And it's all through TeamUp just completely. That's where I've signed them up to. That's how they get in and that's how they link to me. I use Zoom through TeamUp and the way it streamed between the two is literally seamless. I never have any issues with anybody getting into the box, and if I do, I can correct it so easily because the screen is going everything on there that I need. And again, that was another thing I was already using Zoom. And when TeamUp said, yeah, we link to the two, it kind of just blew my mind a little, a little bit. I'm quite good with technology, but that was just, you know, there's a new code every single time I have a class and I run over twenty live classes a week, all the varying differences. I've got people in the sessions or in the seventies all the way down to teenagers. So it just shows you how accessible this is and anybody can do it, which is fantastic.

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