Nick Wardle shares how having a booking system helps him successfully manage his small group PT business and clients

Learn how Nick has used his software to build trust and loyalty within his client base, grow his business, and do even more with the system with the release of Appointments.

"I think from a small gym, small PT studio, small group training studio, point of view, this is probably one of the most valuable pieces of software in the marketplace, from affordability to what it does."

I'm Nick Wardle and I own Body Transformation Centre in Loughborough. We basically specialise in personal training, which is delivered in a small group environment. In other words, we'll coach up to six people, in our personal training environment. And then we also coach them with the nutrition side and keep them on track and accountable.

So the main of our focus is working with over thirties. We have about 70% of our clients being sort of 40 plus. We have all sorts of things going on in life. All of the clients are generally business owners, management professionals, and there's some that fit outside the box, but the commonality that they all share is they are time-constrained, so the time that they're putting into the health and the training needs to be a return on investment. It needs to be time-efficient, basically and that's predominantly what we do and a little bit about who we are, hopefully, that answers that.

In terms of using TeamUp, we started using TeamUp six years ago. The reason for it was we were looking into different software because I got to a point where I was managing quite a few one to one clients and I needed a solution because we were moving to what we call semi-private personal training where it's smaller groups. Because we had more time slots, availability I didn't want to be toing and froing in with loads of text messages, WhatsApps, emails, because admin alone in this business is, is a big job to tackle.

I needed something to help manage where the client bookings. And TeamUp seems to do the job. I had a few friends recommend it that I knew we used it because at the time I was based in the private gym and I just started using the software. I still got clients with me that we had when I first started that I still with me now from when we introduced the booking system.

The clients seem to get on with it fine and been no complaints with it. Obviously, the system has evolved over time. And even, especially with lockdown, they evolved the online stuff, which was very rapid movement, which was great at the time. So, um, so there's definitely some positives and I've got to say that the TeamUp customer service is just ridiculous, like good. They're very fast at responding. You send a message and you get a response. And that's probably one of the good points about it. I wouldn't say it's the only good point, but it's probably one of the good points that I would say that keeps people loyal. Like my clients are loyal with me, I'm quite loyal to the software. Cause once you've got a chunk of clients with loads of data you really don't want to be moving that round all over the shop. It's better to stick with one company, where you can.

When I left this private gym I moved to a big commercial gym temporarily, and then we opened up a small studio and then now we've moved to an even larger studio, post lockdown which is a hell of a lot bigger its two and half thousand square feet now, it's a big area. Managing the bookings as the client base is growing, it's definitely been important for us to keep one piece of software in place and not move around because as I said, it can be very tedious to move around and not only that, the client customer experience is a big thing for our clients by we don't want to make it very messy.

In regards to the appointment scheduling system that they've recently added, we've been testing it out. I think there's still a few tweaks that needed to make, which we've given some feedback around which is not a big problem. With the versatility, the appointment system, now, it means we can do more with the system than we used to be able to do. I know from talking with the team of that there's going to be some improvements made which I think is going to just make it even more versatile moving forwards because again, keeping everything in one place is easier.

At the minute we have our assessments and client assessments booked manually with us rather than saying, book in via the TeamUp system for appointments, and that's something we're moving towards. Again, the easier the process is for our clients the more likely they're going to stay with us. And likewise, the time reduction because in a small private gym, like ours is with minimal staff, management of time is really key. Because things can consume your wise and you've just got to be careful.

I think from a small gym, small PT studio, small group training studio, point of view, this is probably one of the most valuable pieces of software in the marketplace, from affordability to what it does, and doing it what it says on the tin then I think it's a great bit of software and I highly recommend it and I will stay with TeamUp for as long as we do as long as they keep moving with the times because software is developing very fast at the moment. I think it's a great piece of software and I think the service is phenomenal.

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