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TeamUp's newest feature allows you to run a report to see an overview of your customers' pending credits to your gym or studio.

TeamUp's newest feature allows you to run a report to see an overview of your customers' pending credits to your gym or studio.

Reporting is one of the most useful tools for your fitness business. You can run reports in TeamUp to track how often your customers are coming to class, their progress, who is slipping away, and how much credit one of your customers has in their account.

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What is the account credits report?

The account credits report is a detailed report of your customers who have pending credits that can be used towards any future membership or pack purchase at your gym or studio.

How account credits work

If your customer has a membership or class pack at your gym or studio and has a pending credit then that credit can be used toward any future purchase or billing period. When a credit is added to their account it can then be applied to their next purchase.

Why a customer has a pending credit

There are several cases in why one of your customers would have a pending credit to your gym or studio. Take a look:


Customer referral credit is the most common reason a fitness customer would have credit to a gym or studio. In TeamUp, all gym and studio owners can set up their very own referral program. When a customer brings in a new potential customer who then signs up for class, the existing customer can then receive credit on their account.

Missed class after the cancellation period

Accidents happen and can result in missing a class. If a fitness customer is unable to make their scheduled class that they have already registered for and is unable to cancel before the cancellation period, the owner can offer their customer credit for a future class.

Instructor or owner cancellation

The same goes for an owner or instructor who had to unexpectedly cancel a class. If you were unable to give a scheduled class that your customers already registered for, you can apply a credit to their account that can be used towards the next or future classes.


When a customer hits one of their goals or attends a certain number of classes, we call those milestones. Gym and studio owners can apply a credit to their customers' account when they reach a certain milestone, for example, 100 classes, 1 year of membership.

Past subscription

If your customer upgraded or downgraded their membership or package, they can carry their credit from their previous payment to the next payment.

How to run an account credits report in TeamUp

In the reports section of your dashboard, you will see several different reporting options including class attendance, referrals, and our newest report, account credits.

image of the types of reports you can run in TeamUp

When you select the account credits option, you will enter the report where you can filter by any customer and any time. After applying the chosen filters you can see which of your customers have pending credits when the credit was created, the amount of credit they have, and any notes associated with it (customer referrals, milestones, cancellations, etc.)

image of the account credits report

You can also choose to download the report into a CSV file and select the filters that you want to be included in the report, for your personal records.

To check and see which of your customers have pending credits and run more reports, check out the full reporting features, here.


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