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Owning to the popularity of visual platforms, Instagram has become the 4th most-used social media in 2023 behind YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. When visuals are involved, it often becomes a place to showcase your progress, expertise, and form, which fitness enthusiasts strive to achieve. 

As a yoga studio owner, you must leverage the platform and promote your business through Instagram Ads to keep up with the competition.

In this article, we’ll give you a few examples of yoga studio ads on Instagram with a definitive guide and tips on how to create and promote your first one. Let’s look at a few Instagram ad ideas you can use to create content with your students or yoga instructors. 

Types of Instagram ads for yoga studiosinsta-yoga-1

Instagram allows brands to create a number of content types to engage with their followers. Depending on your preferences, images, videos, stories, and guides can be posted or promoted on your profile. Here are a few examples of effective yoga studio Instagram ads. 

Yoga teacher video ads

Short and sweet workout and yoga practice ads have the potential to reach a wide audience even without spending money promoting them. However, with ads, you can reach your target audience and increase conversion rates. 

The most basic thing to show your audience is how your students perform. Make video guides about yoga postures and sequences with varying levels of pose difficulty to appeal to a wider audience.

Introduce your yoga teachers to the students to demonstrate expertise and credibility. To appeal to a more concerned audience, such as women and teens, describe your yoga studio policies and non-tolerant harassment practices through Instagram video ads. 

To create a more personal and emotional connection, create ads that showcase outdoor yoga postures in a tranquil location or in the comfort of the home. 

Image ads promoting your services

Images are the cornerstone of Instagram. Although the current majority of users prefer interacting with videos, images still account for 60-80% of content on the profiles depending on the resources available to them. 

Using an image ad, you can showcase your space with high-quality visuals to show your audience the ambiance and environment of your yoga studio.

Make the ad visually appealing and simple to understand. Don’t overcomplicate with composite lighting or weird angles on your yoga instructor. 

You can also use the image of your yoga teacher and classes to showcase their credibility and expertise. Include brief bio and taglines to introduce their unique teaching styles to the audience. Make sure to use colors that stand out and keep it clean.

Images ads are great for customer testimonials. Showcase the best reviews and success stories of your yoga studio to gain the trust of new students.

If possible, use images of happy customers practicing in your yoga studio with their testimonials. 

Influencer marketing and yoga teacher ads

Instagram houses influencers from every niche and industry. While influencer marketing isn’t directly payable through the social media platform, it certainly is a type of ad that you can exploit to your benefit. 

Choosing the right influencer should be the priority when considering influencer marketing. Make sure your chosen influencer aligns with the vision, mission, and message of your yoga studio.

They should have a solid following and engagement with the audience and be passionate about the yoga community and wellness. 

Depending on the contract, encourage your influencer to showcase your brand and studio through their content. It’ll increase your brand awareness and help you reach a wider audience.

Moreover, make sure to provide your influencer with resources highlighting the benefits of your services and call to action (CTA). 

Instagram Stories ad

Insta Stories are temporary flash images and videos that last only for 24 hours to reach your intended audience. There are a few ways you can use Insta Stories to generate your ads. 

Stories allow images, videos, and multiple interactive elements to share with your followers. Consider using video content like short yoga clips or yoga instructor Q&As to feature on your Insta Stories.

If they’re getting enough engagement, consider promoting them as ads to reach a wider audience.

You may also share offers, promotions, and tips to your Instagram Stories with clear CTAs to appeal to new yoga communities to turn into paying customers. Visuals are important to grab viewers’ attention with Stories. 

Two weirdly specific tips about Instagram Stories are: 

  • For maximum engagement, always interact with other social media accounts and businesses for 15-20 minutes before posting your story on Instagram. 
  • Post a poll as the first story of a series to gain significant interactions on the next Stories. 

Before-after carousel ads

Carousel ads are a series of images organized in a slidable collection promoted to reach the intended audience. The best carousel ad use case is highlighting different yoga classes.

For example, you can designate one slide for each service you offer. This could include Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, or Hot Yoga classes. Moreover, you can also include pricing for each service through different visuals. 

On a different note, rather than promoting individual image ads, you can create a collection of carousels with yoga teachers and their abilities to make the most out of the budgets. Customer testimonials can also be showcased with carousel ads to fit the most in one campaign. 

The best aspect of carousel ads is storytelling. Despite being individual graphics, carousels can tell a compelling story to the audience without making them leave the screen.

Keep it concise and use a clear CTA with the storytelling aspects to make carousels more effective for your yoga studio.  

Shoppable posts

Boost your shoppable posts to make users purchase your studio subscription or products directly from their Instagram feed. To create shoppable ads, you must have a business profile and create a product catalog before promoting your posts.

Once you’re done adding the products, choose “Tag Products” while uploading the post. Once your account is approved, you can start promoting your shoppable posts to users. 

As Instagram doesn’t let you add links to posts, shoppable posts are quite convenient to easily gain new customers and leads. 

Instagram Reels ads

You can either boost your post directly or use the Meta Ads manager to create your Reels ad.

Follow the basic dimensions required for Reels ads and create either image-based, video-based, or carousel-based ads to show on Reels. 

You can also include additional text and captions to offer more context. However, try to keep the ads clean and short.

Your focus should be on grabbing attention quickly and telling a story without sacrificing the strong CTA. 

How to advertise your yoga studio on Instagraminsta-yoga-2

With the types of ads already mentioned, let’s discuss the process to create and promote such ads on Instagram.  


The basic requirements to run Instagram ads are:

  • Instagram Business Account. If you already have personal social media accounts on Instagram, you can easily switch to a business account without losing any data. Or if you're new to Instagram, create a new Business account.
  • You need to learn the basics of Meta Ad manager to create Instagram ads. While the settings are quite comprehensible, it may take you a few minutes to get the hang of it. 
  • You need to have ad creatives ready to be shared. This includes images, videos, reels, and other content postable on Instagram.
  • You must have deep knowledge about your target audience and customers. What they like, where they are from, how old they are, for yoga studio Instagram ads. 
  • Focus on your ad objective to create effective ads. For example, brand awareness campaigns may be cheaper, but they aren’t as effective for sales as conversion ads. On the contrary, lead generation ads aren’t effective for brand awareness social media strategy. 

Now, there are two ways you can start advertising your yoga business on Instagram.   

Through Meta Ads Account

The steps to start generating ads through Meta Business Suite (Previously known as Facebook Ads Manager) are as follows: 

  • Create a Meta Ads Account. You have to create a Meta Ads Account here, before starting to create ads for Instagram. 
  • As you already have an Instagram Business account, connect the Instagram account to the Meta Ads account to get started. Click the settings tab and click “Instagram Accounts” to get started. (Ignore this step if you have already connected your Facebook page to your Instagram account).  
  • Once you’ve set up your Ads account, click the “Create” icon which looks like a “+” sign on the Ads manager dashboard. Create a new ad campaign to start.
  • Set your ad objective. Choose from the options available on the Ads Manager. This may include “Brand Awareness”, “Website Traffic”, or “Conversions”. Choose whatever is required. 
  • Set your ad target. This feature allows you to target the exact demographics that you want to appeal to with the ads. You can determine the interests, behaviors, location, and age of your target audience. 
  • Create your ad creative. Upload or create your ad creatives like photos, videos, reels, or carousels, to promote them to your target audience. 
  • Set budget and schedule. Determine your daily budget and schedule to start the ads. You need to add your payment method in this step. 
  • Post to review. Let the Instagram regulators review your ad and start promoting them to your audience. 

Through Instagram Boost

Designed to be simple and easy to use, Instagram Boost Ads are created to quickly promote, say, a yoga instructor video to a wider audience.

It doesn’t involve the hassle of managing the Ads Account but is limited by the lack of features. The steps to promoting your content through Instagram Boost Ads are: 

  • Go to your Instagram Profile and choose which post you want to promote. 
  • Tap on “Promote” below the post, which should be available if you have an Instagram Business Account. 
  • Select the target audience based on demographics such as location, age, interest, and behavior. You can also choose automatic targeting to let Instagram handle the rest. 
  • Set your budget and duration. Set your daily budget and schedule for the ad running.
  • Select additional creatives to complement the post. Add text or other creatives to optimize the post for the target audience. 
  • Click “Create Promotion” to send it for review and start promoting. 

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Instagram Ads tips and strategies for yoga studios

We’ve gathered a few Instagram Ads tips and strategies that can work for your yoga studio.  

Keep your ads simple

The best ads say the least. Don’t overcomplicate your Instagram Ads with complex visuals and incomprehensible texts. Follow the best practices of copywriting to create visually appealing and interesting ads. 

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags are like keywords of social media marketing. Depending on your establishment on Instagram, choose hashtags that are not too competitive. Otherwise, your post may get lost in the sea of profiles with millions of followers. 

Target the right demographics

Make sure that you’re targeting the right demographics with your ads.

For example, if your studio offers Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, but your ad targets individuals with an interest in Bikram Yoga, it’s not going to be effective.

Also, choose the location, language, and age carefully. 

Use high-quality visuals

We can’t stress this enough. As visual-intensive as Instagram is, you must not compromise on equipment and production when creating visuals for your ads.

Many yoga teachers neglect the visual aspects, riding on the confidence of their services. That doesn’t work too well on Instagram.  

Include strong CTAs

Strong call to actions are the basis of any successful ad campaign. Weak or absent CTAs often fail to guide the viewer to the necessary action and, in turn, fail to generate the intended engagement with the ads. 

A/B test your yoga studio ads

Split testing or A/B testing refers to changing a single aspect of the ad each time and analyzing the changes in the output. For obvious reasons, don’t change multiple elements at the same time.

For example, you may change your button styles, text fonts, CTA, target, or even the margins to see if anything changes. 

Analyze and adjust your yoga ads

Instagram offers extensive insights and metrics on posts and ads. Analyze click-through-rate (CTR), impressions, video watch duration, and other metrics to adjust your future campaigns.

For example, if the video watch duration is optimal, but CTR isn't adequate, it could be an issue with the CTA. On the other hand, if the CTR is sufficient, but there are no conversions, it could be a landing page issue.  

Retarget previous audience

You must set up a Pixel on your website. It’s a small piece of code that you can easily implement. The Pixel allows Instagram to track user behavior and helps you target them with the next campaigns.

Actions on the websites are tracked and used for better retargeting campaigns. Set up customer audiences to get started with retargeting Instagram Ads.

Stay relevant and authentic

Don’t promise your audience something you can’t fulfill. As a yoga teacher thriving on spiritual enlightenment, consider staying true to your capabilities and commitments.

If you’re hosting a giveaway, go above and beyond to ship the products. If you’re generating leads through free online trial classes, don’t ditch interested individuals on the day of the event. 


Best Instagram ads examples

From the archives of Ad Library, we’ve pulled out a few yoga studio ads that should inspire you to create your own. 


Alo Yoga

Known for its seasonal and comfortable yoga outfits and other equipment, Alo Yoga has 3.2M Instagram followers.

Their ads often revolve around yoga models and location-based retail stores. Here is a sneak peek of their latest ad. 



Offering yoga classes to all levels of students at an affordable cost, YogaWorks has 103.1K Instagram followers.

Their recent ads are listed below. Check out their copywriting style oozing confidence and revolving around a strong CTA.



CorePower Yoga

Equipped with bullet points and backed by 204K Instagram page followers, CorePower Yoga is one of the most prominent yoga studios on social media marketing platforms.

Notice how they use visuals of their clients in the ads to offer a free trial week to new prospects. 


Asheville Yoga Center

A relatively new studio with great potential, Asheville Yoga Center has 9.8K Instagram and 22.9K Facebook page followers to back their claims.

As their focus is on stress relief for seniors, their ads complement their brand image pretty well. See how the CTA is equipped with a lucrative 5-class discount offer. 


The bottom line

We’ve given you an overview of Instagram ads for yoga studios. We’ve covered the types of ads that can work for your business and the process to create such ads.

A few tips and examples are also mentioned in the article. Implement these ad elements in your next Instagram campaign to see your engagements skyrocket. 

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