How to create terminology that suits your business with TeamUp

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Your booking system shouldn't dictate which words you use to name your offerings. Learn about how to create terminology that fits your needs with TeamUp.

Your booking system shouldn't dictate which words you use to name your offerings. Learn about how to create terminology that fits your needs with TeamUp.

Our Settings page includes a terminology editor that allows you to rename the following terms to whatever you'd like: 


Whether you use specific lingo in your gym with your members or you're looking to rebrand or introduce something fresh, updating your business terminology is easy and can be customised to suit your business.

Why is terminology important?

Your business is unique, and although you might share some of the same terms you'd hear in another gym or studio, you can add your own special sauce to your business and how your services and memberships are referred to.

For example, by default, we use the term "memberships" on TeamUp, but you may prefer a different word, such as "plans" or "packages". Or you may be using the Appointments feature, but you'd rather call them "Power Sessions".

With TeamUp's terminology editor, you can tailor some of the key terms on the system to fit your business and the verbiage you use with your members. For details on how to use the terminology editor, see this guide.

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What terms do other businesses use?

If you're curious about what other businesses name their services or need inspiration for a new service you're launching, keep reading!

TeamUp term: Memberships

The Memberships feature allows you to create different types of offerings for your customers: recurring plans, packs, and prepaid plans.

Here are some of the words we see businesses use instead of "memberships":

  • Plans
  • Payment plans
  • Packs
  • Class packs
  • Packages
  • Bundles
  • Contracts
  • Passes

The Memberships page on TeamUp.


Learn more about the different types of offerings you can create with Memberships.


TeamUp term: Courses

A Course in TeamUp is a sequence of sessions. When customers purchase a whole course, they're automatically registered for all sessions. This setup lends itself to a variety scenarios where the term "course" doesn't necessarily apply. 

Here are some of the most popular terms we see TeamUp customers use instead of "Courses":

  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Terms
  • Camps
  • Blocks

The courses page on TeamUp.


For more information about setting up Courses on TeamUp, see this help guide.


TeamUp term: Appointments

The Appointments scheduling feature allows you and your staff to set your availability and manage your schedules. Your clients will be able to check your schedule and book a date and time that suits them.

The Appointments page on TeamUp.

See below for the names we see businesses use instead:

  • Sessions
  • Duets
  • Privates
  • One to Ones

See this guide for an in-depth look at the Appointments feature.


TeamUp term: Reservations

The Reservations tool is a powerful feature that allows you or your members (if you choose to enable the feature on your TeamUp Customer Site) to automatically book your customer into their favorite class week in and week out. This saves time and keeps your regulars happy, as they know that their spot is secured while they have a valid membership.

Here are some of the words we see other businesses use:

  • Block bookings
  • Bulk registrations or bookings
  • Registrations

Find out all about about Reservations here.


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