Activate summer success: Programming tips to keep clients engaged

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Finding ways to keep members visiting your facility over the summer months can be a challenge—especially once the good weather kicks in! We spoke to Staci Alden of Alden Fitness Solutions for her tips on engaging clients and shaking up your offering to keep motivation high from June to September. Read on for her thoughts.

Finding ways to keep members visiting your facility over the summer months can be a challenge—especially once the good weather kicks in! We spoke to Staci Alden of Alden Fitness Solutions for her tips on engaging clients and shaking up your offering to keep motivation high from June to September. Read on for her thoughts.

The summer “slump” doesn’t have to be a reality for your facility. Even with the longer days, beautiful weather, and increased client travel, there are ways to keep clients motivated and increase income, visibility, and engagement!

Group of women of different ages exercising in the park

Get flexible: Adjust your schedule

Before the heatwaves begin, take a moment to review your schedule and see where the opportunity lies to make some temporary time changes over the summer. For classes that revolved around school schedules, the parents working out or teaching classes before and after school now have kiddos at home and may be able to attend and provide more midday classes.

A mother and young daughter exercising on the living room floor

With the increase of the “work from anywhere” culture and bosses taking their own vacations, many people without kids may also seek more midday options as their workload tends to lighten up during the summer months. You and your team know your population the best. Before you make a complete overhaul of your schedule, connect with your team for input about their availability and what they are hearing directly from participants. If you’re still not confident in making any changes, give a survey a try. A survey is also a great tool to reference the results if there is pushback from a few vocal clients about any changes to the schedule.

Get outside: Outdoor class considerations

Taking classes outside might seem like a fun adventure for clients and instructors who want to mix things up, but there are many important considerations to make. Here are some key considerations if you have a handful of classes that can easily be moved outside or would like to host an event outdoors.

Two friends jogging together outdoors


Whether teaching for a facility or on your own, check in on these areas to ensure you and anyone else you work with to teach outdoor classes are up to date:

  • Liability insurance
  • Liability waivers
  • Proper permits
  • Lighting and security

Do your due diligence to visit the space to see if there is additional lighting and if you will have permission to turn it on. Reach out to the local authorities for their opinion of the area and history of crime.


Think through the participant experience from beginning to end. Where are they going to park their car? Where will they put their things (phone, wallet, keys, extra layers of clothing, etc.)? 

Many of these questions will also depend on whether you plan to offer an outdoor class as a one-time event, a series of classes with a decisive start and end date, or an ongoing class. If the weather can be unpredictable in your region, decide if you want to seek a "plan B" option for location and how you will communicate any class updates to participants. One option is to build a text thread or use another communication software like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or TeamUp's SMS notifications feature to send last-minute updates if the class location changes or is canceled altogether.


Choosing a location for outdoor fitness can become very complicated very quickly. When deciding which site to host your classes, the most critical elements to focus on include safety, space, access to bathrooms, and parking.

Young woman taking a break from outdoor exercise to drink water

Here is a list of possible locations that are just the tip of the iceberg to consider for your outdoor classes:

  • Park
  • Trail
  • Field
  • Empty parking lot
  • Corporate break areas
  • Stadium or sports field
  • Playground
  • Apartment community
  • Pool deck
  • Beach

Take inventory of your options. Explore a few areas to ensure enough space for the number of participants you anticipate and compare your options. Be sure to visit these areas on the days and times you're considering having the class to see if other events or landscaping might affect sound or safety, such as where the sun is and how much shade is available.

Let the energy and possibility of the summer months motivate you to get out there and spread the word about your facility.


Get creative: Events, retreats, and workshops

Summer is the perfect time to offer unique experiences beyond regular classes. Consider hosting special events, retreats, workshops, or progressive programs. These special offerings add excitement to your schedule and give clients something to look forward to during the summer months.

Group of women performing Pilates by the pool


These large, celebratory experiences include a theme, unique venue, food, swag, and entertainment. Pair exercise with adult beverages and a social hour with events like Mats and Mimosas, Bootcamp and Brews, or Tacos and Tabatas. Other ideas include getting your client’s families involved in an organized outdoor party or recognizing unique holidays to celebrate with a themed class, like National Ice Cream Day on July 19th or National Friends Day on July 30th in the U.S.


A retreat is a two to 14-plus day adventure, usually offsite from the facility and in some cases outside of the country. The schedule during a retreat usually consists of a combination of excursions, classes, and workshops. Retreats are meant to be a unique, immersive, and interactive opportunity for members to experience their favorite classes with their favorite instructors in a new environment.

Group of men and women meditating at a wellness retreat

Here are some ideas for themed retreats:

  • Women’s retreat: Women only, celebrating each other, lots of fun ice breakers, and developing friendships.
  • Yoga retreat: Various yoga classes and workshops of various styles and diving into a deeper understanding of the practice.
  • Wellness retreat: Slow-paced with many healthy and delicious foods, meditation workshops, and nature walks.
  • Challenging adventure: Training to summit a mountain, complete a bike trail or train, travel, and compete in a race.


These 2+ hour specific and informative sessions can help educate your clients on ways to improve their life outside of the studio, help new clients learn more before joining classes, or give veteran clients a more advanced session.  

Enrollment programs

Specific programs over several days or weeks that evolve in education, intensity, or complexity with a pre-determined start and end date. 

Here are some ideas for themes that can work in a workshop or enrollment program format and revolve around common summer activities:

  • Cross training for hiking
  • Recovery from water sports
  • Cooling yoga poses

Embracing the spirit of summer by offering a diverse range of experiences can invigorate your fitness studio and captivate your clientele. From lively events brimming with community, to immersive retreats set against breathtaking landscapes and enriching workshops, to structured enrollment programs, these unique experiences strengthen your relationship with your clients beyond just a summer romance.

Embracing the spirit of summer by offering a diverse range of  unique experiences to invigorate your fitness studio, captivate your clientele, and strengthen your relationship with clients.

Get visible: Promotions, content and partnerships

Let the energy and possibility of the summer months motivate you and your team to get out there and spread the word about your facility in new ways. 

Seasonal pricing

To attract and retain clients during the summer, consider implementing seasonal pricing and promotions. Offer discounts for teachers and students, lower drop-in rates, or create promotional packages tailored to the season. These incentives can encourage clients to stay active during the summer and attract new clients looking for budget-friendly fitness options.

Fresh virtual content

Older woman following on-demand exercises at home


While outdoor classes are a great way to take advantage of the summer weather, don't forget about your virtual offerings. Consider creating fresh virtual content like outdoor workout videos, livestream classes from scenic locations, on-demand wellness workshops, or bite-sized workouts for on-the-go. This allows clients to stay connected and engaged with your facility, even if they're traveling or unable to attend in-person classes. Learn more about creating your own on-demand content with TeamUp.

Signage and strategic partnerships

Teaching outdoor classes provides a unique opportunity for visibility, but it's essential to maintain professionalism and represent your brand positively. To attract passersby, utilize physical signs and seek approval for signage from local authorities.

Get curious and connected to what’s happening in your community, such as festivals, concerts, fun runs, parades, and fairs. Contact the coordinators of these events and discuss free pop-up experiences your facility can offer. Maintain a close relationship with the Parks and Recreation Department to enhance your schedule, or explore revenue-sharing opportunities for events or classes. Additionally, consider partnerships with facilities like strip malls, apartment communities, schools, and churches to leverage their existing relationships and amenities for your classes.

Get connected to what’s happening in your community - festivals, concerts, fun runs, parades, and fairs. Discuss free pop-up experiences with the coordinators and maintain a close relationship with the Parks and Recreation Department.

By implementing these strategies, fitness managers can keep clients motivated, engaged, and active during the summer months, ultimately boosting their facility's income and visibility. These endeavors infuse your schedule with energy, foster deeper connections among your community members, and empower them to explore new wellness and personal growth opportunities. Let this summer be more than just a season—take it as an opportunity to ignite inspiration, cultivate connections, and embark on transformative journeys together.


Check out our guide on 5 Tricks to Maximize Summer Attendance for more ideas to boost client motivation over the coming months.


Staci is committed to helping fitness managers and club operators elevate their programs, instructors, and leadership. As an experienced consultant and strategic planner for digital and in-person offerings, her clients range from large luxury health clubs and international companies to small studios. She has designed world-class studios on a tight budget, launched signature formats, and built turnkey solutions for enhancing systems, leaders, and talent. Staci is also a master instructor and established presenter, podcaster, writer, and YouTube influencer, regularly interviewing and collaborating with industry thought leaders.

Click here for more information on working with Staci, or email her at

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