Beyond PayPal: How to improve retention, and maximise profits

Find out how switching to PayPal helped Richard Morris improve retention and maximise profits for his bootcamps.

Find out how switching to PayPal helped Richard Morris improve retention and maximise profits for his bootcamps.

We caught up with Richard Morris, the quiet champion of UK bootcamps, who has built his own successful bootcamps as well as mentoring hundreds of other trainers to success. In this excerpt from the interview, we ask Richard about TeamUp and the benefits he has seen in his own business.

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How have you found TeamUp?

TeamUp has been great for me. I’ve been using TeamUp now for about the last 2 years. Before that, everything was all via Paypal.

Paypal was good, a lot of people know Paypal and they trust it, but you do get hammered with it.

Say if we’ve got a transaction going out of £80, we’d probably be charged about £4 for using Paypal, and with TeamUp, it was just so much easier, and so much cheaper. People have loved being able to manage their own account. On the website people can choose, ‘okay I want to pay by credit card’, ‘I want to pay by debit card’, ‘I want to do this’. It was about giving people more options than just paying through Paypal.

The other thing that really works well for us, is if somebody is off injured or needs to take time out and they need to put their membership on hold, with Paypal we couldn’t do that. We had to cancel it and then we’d have to get them to set it back up again.

Whereas with Teamup we could just say, ‘okay let’s put the membership on hold until they’re ready to come back’.

It’s easy for your new clients to get set up through it. We’ve never had any problems at all and we get paid very easily. The fees are a lot less than Paypal. I would definitely recommend it to anybody for their business

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That’s fantastic, would you recommend to other trainers that you mentor, to use it for their business?

Yes definitely. We use it in our business. Some of the trainers that have come onto our courses or the mainstream program use it in their business as well.

It’s definitely a worthwhile tool to have. It’s a great way to manage everything. You can track and see exactly who’s on the programs.

It’s the little things that make it amazing — for example when somebody is coming to the end of their 3-month membership Teamup will send an email out and let the client know that their membership is coming to an end and ask if they want to renew it.

Rather than me then thinking; “Okay this person is now coming to the end, I need to send them an email or I need to …” We could easily forget to get in touch with them.

image of the customers at Richard Morris's bootcamps

It’s about gently prompting people and saying, you’re now due a payment. If somebody’s payment skips they’ll try again in another few days, so really it takes a lot of the headache away from us.

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