13 best offline marketing tips for gyms

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In this article, we share our top tips for combining online and offline marketing tactics to get the best results for your business!

In this article, we share our top tips for combining online and offline marketing tactics to get the best results for your business!

Are you feeling drained by the never-ending debate of whether online marketing is an investment or just another unnecessary expenditure? 

We've got you covered! In this article, we will share our top offline marketing tips and how to combine both online and offline tactics to get maximum results. 

A sign on the side of a gym that reads "We like you too".

Scroll down to get a lowdown on some of the most innovative, creative, and, most importantly, practical strategies you can use for your business!

13 best traditional marketing strategies for gyms

Host fun contests

Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Reebok capitalized on this knowledge with their clever "reaction race" game installed in subway stations across Korea. 

Unsuspecting commuters were randomly pitted against each other, and whoever won received a pair of brand-new Reebok shoes delivered right from the billboard itself! 

This is an excellent way for potential buyers to become passionate and loyal toward your products or services.

Reebok's reaction race.

Fun challenges in the fitness industry are popular amongst brands. Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Reebok's reaction race (mentioned above).

  • Nike's "Nike Training Club" app offered users access to high-intensity workout sessions tailored to their fitness goals and level of ability. 

  • Adidas' Run for the Oceans campaign: Since 2018, Adidas' international campaign has been on a mission to rally people against plastic pollution. Participants were rewarded with multiple prizes for running a certain amount of kilometers every day and helping spread information about environmental concerns!

These challenges proved successful offline and generated quite a lot of buzz online too!

Collaborate with charities

If you want to get people to open their wallets, make them feel good about doing it! The most effective way of achieving this is by forming a partnership with a charity. 

Although on the surface, this may seem like an unemotional exercise in money-making, partnering with charities puts your customers' dollars towards something that positively impacts others and encourages them to keep spending.

One great example of a charity that works with gyms is the Special Olympics. By partnering up, fitness centers and nutrition businesses can offer discounted or free memberships to those participating in the Special Olympics, enabling them to access an otherwise expensive service.

You could also create activities for participants to engage in during the event and even incorporate fundraising efforts. By doing so, you will be able to generate more offline leads and further promote your brand.

Organize free events

Organizing free events is a great offline marketing tactic for gyms and nutrition businesses, as it allows you to attract local attention and engage with potential customers face-to-face.

Creating a successful free event requires careful planning. Don't just state, "Meet and greet!" Instead, craft an appropriate concept and objective to ensure the highest likelihood of marketing success and identify potential clients. 

Plan out your actions for getting attendees there and what you will specifically do at the event itself–this is key!

Here are a few ideas you can consider:

  • Offer free gatherings for members to bring family and friends (this could prove beneficial, as it is a great way to extend your client base at no extra cost)

  • Set up public events

  • Distribute small gifts at these events; this will not only create awareness but also increase your potential customer database

Celebrity endorsements

Celebrity endorsement is a great way to increase offline visibility for your brand. Having an influential influencer or celebrity associated with your business creates instant credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

Not only does it bring offline attention, but it also serves as an effective method of offline promotion.

Selena Gomez's Puma campaign.

For example, singer Selena Gomez endorsed the athleisure brand Puma. She was featured in their offline campaigns, helping them create a strong offline presence. 

Not only that, but she also influences millions of fans with her posts on social media, making offline marketing much more effective by creating an offline-online connection.

If you want to increase your member sign-ups, why not offer the potential new members a chance to connect with a celebrity at an upcoming event? You can come up with creative marketing ideas that fit your budget and suit the interests of your target audience.

Despite the potential benefits of having an ambassador, it is critical to be mindful in your selection process as their reputation can reflect onto yours - just look at how Nike's association with Oscar Pistorius backfired

Select someone whose popularity will remain intact to safeguard against mishaps and guarantee maximum success. Taking that extra step beforehand ensures protection from any possible negative reactions.

Outreach efforts

How to build a fitness community

If you want to impact your local area positively, why not consider joining forces with an organization such as the American Diabetes Association?

For example, if you run a fitness business or health coaching program oriented towards those who are less active, think about offering free training sessions on weekends leading up to annual Step Out events across America. 

Showing your business is invested in helping the community through this initiative can bring great rewards!

Point-of-sale marketing

Brick-and-mortar fitness, nutrition, and wellness businesses are blessed with tall display windows, including the opportunity to place temporary in-ground banners or sidewalk banners.

Yet many of these establishments neglect this potential! Just as you would change your outfit for an important customer meeting, it is just as essential to switch up your storefront window displays regularly.

Look at your business through the window--does it intrigue potential customers? Remember, an untidy desk with a chaotic stack of flyers won't make them want to come in. 

Are there any eye-catching posters or items that should be seen first and foremost when they look into your store? Could you create a considerable flipchart visible from the sidewalk where you update interesting facts daily so it piques their interest? 

Display windows are like frames for your business; use them to grab people's attention!

Creative billboards

The Powerade Workout Billboards

Who can forget the revolutionary interactive billboards developed by Powerade? The concept was so creative that it had everyone talking for weeks! 

Not only did this strategy grab the attention of people in advertising but also those around the world. People were eager to put their energy into working up a thirst and trying out Powerade's product. 

We aim to emphasize how essential creativity and interactivity are when marketing via billboards (or hoardings).

If you nail all the elements, your chances of garnering public interest could soar - leading to potential sales. Remember, billboards don't exist solely so that people can learn about your presence anymore. 

Google local search and hyperlocal marketing do their part for you as well. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be inventive with what is on your hoardings; otherwise, it will be just one more board that goes unnoticed by passers-by.

Hosting enlightening seminars and thought-provoking workshops

With the overwhelming amount of information in today's world, it can be difficult for consumers to differentiate between fact and fiction. 

As a health and wellness expert, you possess legitimate knowledge that people will trust - so why not put this expertise to use? 

By holding workshops or seminars on wellness topics, you have an effective platform to educate those around you. This is sure to leave them appreciative of your guidance and eager for more!

People would want to hear about topics such as:

  • How to get the most out of a workout routine

  • The importance of proper nutrition in achieving fitness goals

  • How to create and maintain an effective exercise plan

  • Strategies for staying motivated and keeping up with a fitness regimen

  • Tips for recovering from injury or illness

When you demonstrate your expertise in a particular field, leads will be more likely to trust and take action with you!

Unleash your potential through co-marketing

Rather than wasting time and resources on traditional marketing approaches, why not try co-marketing with brands that offer complimentary services? 

Are there any nearby osteopaths, injury rehabilitation centers, or massage therapists in your vicinity? If so, you should consider approaching them. 

Co-marketing doesn’t have to be complicated; simply asking if they'll accept your business cards or pamphlets at their premises is enough of a start. Moreover, this two-way relationship could prove highly beneficial for both parties!

If you engage in co-marketing, conversions will skyrocket, and your partner company and customers will benefit too. After all, who doesn't love a great deal?

In summary:

  • Co-marketing has the potential to build trust with local brands

  • It is nearly costless yet yields priceless benefits

  • It allows for the strengthening of community ties with your brand

Spread captivating flyers

In this digital age, we are often tempted to neglect the potential of traditional flyer marketing. Nevertheless, flyers remain one of the most efficient methods for getting your message across when done correctly. 

The key is to hone in on a specific product or service; otherwise, you will risk overwhelming and confusing your customers, possibly leading them straight into the trash bin! 

Distributing flyers must be timed correctly, and the right location is essential. For instance, passing out a flyer about weight loss outside a restaurant might not go over well. 

Consider posting them around malls, spas, gyms, and even your competition's business. Parks, theaters -- anywhere you think people would appreciate learning more about what you offer.

To give an example of offline marketing that will surely bring smiles: The Gym Group has delivered this to its viewers!

Every squat counts sign.

Every Squat counts at The Gym Group - Edinburgh copywriter (wordsareeverywhere.co.uk)

Sell unique branded merchandise

Don't just apply your logo to a generic product - it's entirely forgettable. Instead, think out of the box and generate one-of-a-kind ideas like limited edition t-shirts with stunning designs or collections of low-cost magnets conveying unique messages related to your business. 

Then distribute them in your local community for maximum exposure!

The goal is to evoke interest and make people smile, pause for thought, and share with others. Think big; a magnet bearing an engaging concept costs nearly nothing. 

Make it your mission to purchase five or ten thousand of these items before the year's end and give every single one away! A

Additionally, ensure that all staff members--management included--are outfitted in uniforms displaying your logo as they represent your exclusive brand.

Warm calling

When 'warm calling,' you are getting in contact with leads after a prior introduction. It could have been from an old client, a mutual acquaintance, or previous leads. 

Take time to research the lead and make sure you have basic information regarding them before making any call inquiries. 

Show your tenacity and courtesy while asking questions about their last treatment or anything else that may help the sale process go smoothly - this will significantly increase your chances of closing the deal!

Leverage offline data to power your online marketing strategies

Finally, when developing a gym marketing strategy, it is vital to include traditional and digital marketing approaches. 

You can capitalize on all online and offline opportunities by utilizing offline information to attract potential customers and spark interest in your gym. 

With this mindset of combining the two worlds into one cohesive plan, you will see maximum growth from your campaigns.


To sum it up, offline marketing for gyms is a great way to engage with potential customers and build trust in the local community. It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive - co-marketing partnerships and branded merchandise can yield great results without breaking the budget.

Make sure you pair your offline strategies with innovative digital ones – together, they will create maximum growth! 

Ultimately, offline marketing is not only cost-effective but has the potential to drive conversions by building relationships between your gym and its members. 

Be sure to capitalize on all offline opportunities to establish an engaging presence within your target market. 

With these tactics implemented alongside other offline efforts and a strategic focus, you will see positive results from your offline marketing campaigns for your gyms. Good luck!

Frequently asked questions on offline marketing for gyms

How can I promote my gym offline?

Great question! There are many ways to promote your gym offline, from distributing flyers and pamphlets to partnering with local businesses for co-marketing. You can also use signage around your premises to draw attention to your brand and reinforce the values of your service offering.

What are the advantages of using offline marketing?

Offline marketing has many benefits, including attracting potential customers in unexpected ways, building strong cultural roots within your local community, and generally being more cost-effective than its online counterpart.

What are examples of offline marketing?

Offline marketing examples include distributing flyers and brochures, attending events in the local area, creating signage around a physical location, and partnering with other local businesses for co-marketing opportunities.

How can I measure the success of my offline marketing activities?

To accurately assess the success of offline campaigns, observe metrics like customer participation levels in your promotions and the number of new customers that visit through these activities. Customer feedback can also reveal invaluable information about how well your campaigns are faring.

What other offline strategies can I use to promote my gym?

Other offline strategies to promote your gym include attending local events and trade shows, creating engaging content such as videos or infographics that can be shared offline, and setting up kiosks in high-traffic areas to draw attention to your brand.

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