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Award-winning law firm for fitness businesses.

Award-winning law firm for fitness businesses.

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About: Conscious Counsel is an award-winning law firm that provides legal counsel and agreements for heart-leading fitness professionals and studio owners across the globe. Awarded Most Innovative Health & Wellness Law Firm of 2021 (Legal Elite Awards) and Most Innovative Legal Document Drafting & IP Firm (Acquisition International), Conscious Counsel is on a mission to transform the way legal services are offered by creating a fun, simple, peaceful and empowering experience working with the law.

Conscious Counsel lives and breathes the world of wellness and understands the fitness industry inside and out. They have helped hundreds of studio owners and wellness professionals with their legal agreements (270+ 5 star Google Reviews) to ensure they're operating at best legal practices.

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How fitness businesses can stay on top of their legal practices

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