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About: BoxMate is your performance tracking, member engagement & retention platform. Never lose a lead again with our TeamUp integrated CRM system & bring all communications with your members into one single space. Programme for your group and PT clients easily & let members keep track of their progress and PRs while chatting to others inside and outside of the box too.We are currently serving over 30,000 people training in CrossFit boxes, Functional Fitness and Strength and Conditioning gyms in the UK and worldwide. We're always on the other end of the phone to chat and help you explore what BoxMate could add to your gym management experience. We integrate seamlessly with TeamUp to bring your members a single app solution.

Location: United Kingdom

Contact information: Danny Redfern

Visit: BoxMate LTD

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About TeamUp and BoxMate:

BoxMate is TeamUp's performance tracking partner and is integrated in TeamUp ready for you to use from the moment you sign up. Get started with BoxMate and TeamUp, here. Stay tuned for new updates coming soon

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