4 Gens by 2 Gens: How to Drive Four Generations to Your Gym



Sal Pellegrino


Sarah Pellegrino


Jessica Armstrong

Marketing to different generations

With 30+ years between Sal—a Boomer—and Sarah—a Millennial—they both pay attention to various ways fitness business operators attract or, in some cases, repel specific generations.

Currently, we have four living generations that are potential customers of your fitness business:

  • Boomers,

  • Gen Y,

  • Millennials, and

  • Gen Z.

Join us as they share their insight after a year of interviewing the brightest fitness business operators and gathering all the data needed to ensure that your business strategy considers the generational gaps.

About our hosts

Sarah Pellegrino began her career in billing and software. She currently works in healthcare and is the host of The Value Proposition by The Fitness Business Podcast. She is also a member of The Women in Fitness Association (a TeamUp Partner). You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Sal Pellegrino has worked in the fitness and wellness industry in a variety of roles, from club owner to equipment sales professional, to industry trend spotter and advisor to leading organizations, and is currently the Executive Director of the Fitness Industry Suppliers Association. You can find Sal on Facebook.

What to expect from this session, in Sal and Sarah's own words:

It’s important to both of us that we review each generation’s key factors when considering a place to work out. Then, we'll dive into marketing material and follow-up methods to ensure that you are advertising and communicating with your potential members in ways they prefer based on their generation.

We’ll plan to provide programming tips all generations can benefit from and discuss supplemental support methods outside your fitness business’ walls—nutrition programs, at-home programming, and member engagement. These programming tips will ensure that each generation feels connected to your business. You'll leave this session with a toolbox of ideas to help you retain all generations and attract specific generations you're not even considering!


"I had the privilege of seeing Sal and Sarah give this presentation live at the 2023 IHRSA Convention in San Diego, California in March. The amount of insight provided and enthusiasm shared with a packed room of ambitious owners, managers, and entrepreneurs was incredible. If you're eager to learn how to attract new audiences and strengthen your relationship with your members by providing them with the services and experience they expect and look for, then you won't want to miss this session with Sarah and Sal."

- Jessica Armstrong, TeamUp Community and Partnerships Manager