Why Ethos Fitness chose TeamUp for their hybrid studio

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Mindy King and Dani Doyle of Ethos Fitness share why TeamUp perfectly integrates with their in-person and online studio and business model.

Mindy King and Dani Doyle of Ethos Fitness share why TeamUp perfectly integrates with their in-person and online studio and business model.


We've been really happy that TeamUp has allowed us to cultivate our content and provide that comprehensive management of our business services to accommodate for what people really want. So it's been flexible.

Mindy: My name is Mindy King and I am one of three partners in Ethos Fitness. We're a women-owned business and a local fitness studio here in Bloomington, Indiana, and we teach classes and we have personal training. Our classes span the gamut. We have cycling indoor rowing. We have yoga, TRX, and a variety of strength and conditioning classes as well.

Dani: I am Dani Doyle. I am the online kind of scheduling guru and I guess loosely operations manager, ish type position. I'm the one, primarily, I'm also a certified personal trainer and health, a wellness coach, but I facilitate the online side of the business and do class scheduling, on-demand content, things like that.

Mindy: I found TeamUp by doing a comparison online of the various systems that were available to do this kind of management for fitness studios and small gyms. And after looking at the details, I actually decided to reach out and talk to three different companies and TeamUp came up at the top of the list.

I was really intrigued by your by the price point seemed to be a little bit closer to what we were looking for. And we were just restarting after the pandemic allowed us to reopen. So we had a much smaller membership base and I liked how your prices were connected to the size of the studio.

Dani: I think that was a really big factor, Mindy, that when you and I debriefed after that initial meeting was, that was one of the things that we liked about it was not only the pricing, but it was very intuitive to use. I felt like even after that quick five, 10-minute demo we got during that introductory meeting I felt confident in my ability to not have to search like a database of answers to do anything, which was a challenge that I'd had previously was that I had to constantly search and look up how to do something no matter what I wanted to get done. And we have not had that issue with TeamUp at all.

Mindy: One thing that's really important about our studio, right now is that we are still teaching classes in person. And then we actually teach classes online as well. So in all of our classes, 100% of our schedule is still available online. And then we take some of those online classes and record them and make them available on-demand as well.

We're really happy with the way that the on-demand platform works and that it doesn't require us to pay an extra surcharge and that we can include it at a really low cost on our membership fees. Our members love having the flexibility to be able to come to the studio in person, and come online, if we have inclement weather, we're here in Indiana, so sometimes the weather's not great. But also if they miss a class, they can catch it on-demand. And we love having all of those things available. When we use TeamUp, we are able to really clearly indicate where our classes are being held. And if they're signing up for the online version or the in-person version, we can easily schedule different times.

We can easily cancel one of those two modes if we need to. Yesterday I actually moved a yoga class that I was running to a pavilion at a park, and I was able to do that really quickly because we already had that location saved in TeamUp. I just basically put that into it, I modified the class really quickly and we moved a class all the way to the park because the weather was great and our members all knew about it.

Dani: Going off with what Mindy said, just the ease of doing pretty much anything, whether it's getting a report pulled or changing the schedule or extending the schedule, I feel that is no more than three or four clicks to do anything. And that is super nice and super helpful. When I have to add a whole new semester's worth of scheduling at once it only takes 45 minutes to do instead of three hours to do.

And being able to pull customer reports of those who are slipping away, those who have come within a specific time period, having the way the reports are broken down, makes it really easy to find the customers that we need to reach, whether or not they've come to a class recently, or they haven't, we can grab those numbers and grab those emails and send out a list, super easy.

When Mindy talked about the on-demand content, the reports, the scheduling, and the online and virtual classes being run synchronously, it's really easy to do that as well, because I feel like we actually utilize almost all the services TeamUp provides because it is so integrated into what we do that it's not a hassle to set things up or to use different aspects of the platform because it is just so intuitive to get them up and running.

Mindy: We would definitely recommend TeamUp to other fitness studios, especially those who are trying to think outside of the box and do things a little bit different in this post COVID era of fitness and wellness. People have a lot of choice, in terms of how they want to exercise, where they want to exercise, and when. We've been really happy that TeamUp has allowed us to cultivate our content and provide that comprehensive management of our business services to accommodate for what people really want. So it's been flexible.

The team at TeamUp has been really happy to work with us and find ways to customize the way we use the system. So we definitely have appreciated it, and it's been a huge part of our business as we've reopened after the pandemic.

Dani: I cannot recommend TeamUp like enough. It's been such a pleasure and it's enjoyable to work with TeamUp, like doing things on Mindbody it can be a slog because there's just so much to do. But I don't mind changing the schedule. I don't mind making substitutions. It's so easy and so intuitive to do. I thoroughly recommend TeamUp and honestly, I can't fit it any better than what Mindy has. Mindy took the words out of my mouse mouth and made them super eloquent. So I will just second my vote for what Mindy said.

Mindy: One more thing that I would add is that in the previous data management system that we use for course enrolment, we found that going back and making changes to the schedule, especially changes that needed to be made on the fly because during COVID-19 precautions we were having to change things quickly.

And any time we needed to make a change, it ended up making a mess of things, or it ended up being a really big lift during a really stressful time. And we have found that we have been using TeamUp during a time where we've had to change some things we've had to pivot, we've had to, we've had to go to all online classes or we've had to cancel classes and change our schedule.

And it's been really easy to modify for a short period of time and then bring it back so that there's a lot of flexibility in the system, and it has been really, it has been really helpful to have your team actually be able to help us through that. I also should say to the folks at TeamUp have been super responsive and we can, we usually can meet within a day one-on-one, we get emails, and we get video tutorials. I have never felt like we've been stranded without some guidance and help, which has also been really important to us.

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