Why appointments for your business?

Provide your clients with the option to schedule appointments with you at a time that works best for you both. Appointments run side by side with classes, giving your clients the choice to book one, the other, or both.

Everything integrated

Everything integrated

Include appointments in existing or new memberships, create one client profile for all class and appointment bookings, visualize all the important parts of your business in one TeamUp account.

Easy for you

Easy for you

And for your clients. Everything set up in a few clicks. Take bookings from your website, customer site, and anywhere that you share the links.

Flexible by design

Flexible by design

Customize everything about the experience. Reporting, collecting forms and waivers, storing client information, and now, appointment and class bookings, all live in one place.

More time spent with your clients

More time spent with your clients

Less time spent on admin, payments, and the little tasks that add up.

Complete transparency

Complete transparency

Your clients know when you are available and can book themselves in.

Offer appointments through your booking software with a powerful tool built to simplify your client's booking experience.

Complete control over availability

Sharing your availability with clients has never been easier. Trade complex admin, back-and-forths, and juggling multiple schedules with automatic confirmations, flexible scheduling, and more time to focus on the customer experience. You set your availability in your TeamUp account and your clients book a time that works for them.

Complete control over availability
Quick and easy scheduling

Quick and easy scheduling

The simplified appointment booking experience will encourage clients to book one-on-ones with you. With your availability clearly displayed, clients can easily find a time that works best for you both. The online customer site makes it so clients can book on the go.

Complicated admin traded for simplicity

Trade complexity for clarity and easy to find details regarding appointments, client information, payments, memberships, and more. Clients manage everything themselves online, and you see appointments added to your calendar as soon as they're booked.

Complicated admin traded for simplicity
Smooth communication builds trust

Smooth communication builds trust

Reassure clients and eliminate endless and repetitive messaging about appointment times and locations. Answer upfront questions in a timely way with automated confirmations and pre-class notifications right to their inbox. A quick and helpful "see you today" or "don't forget about our appointment" helps keep clients accountable for their appointments with you.

Manage multiple availability schedules for your instructors

You and your instructors can create schedules for each of your appointment types and segment your hours of availability based on that appointment type. Let customers see only available time slots for the appointment types included in their packages and make it easy for you to know which instructors are available and when.

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Detailed reporting at the click of a button

Detailed reporting at the click of a button

Make better-informed decisions for your business with TeamUp's comprehensive reports. See when clients book appointments, monitor the success of a specific appointment type, track which instructors are running the most sessions, and know what's working best.

All the fine details
that you need to build your business

All the fine details

Customize your appointment types specifically for your business and service. Provide your clients with one-on-one personal training sessions, consultations, and progress check-ins to give them the value of a high-quality service, designed according to your schedule and availability.

The new rooms feature allows you to assign appointment types to specific rooms in a venue. Avoid double booking and ensure there is always a professional start to every session for your clients.

In-person or online, you have full control over your offering and how you deliver any mix of appointments and group classes. Notifications and quick on-the-go access make it so your clients don't have to follow up with you and know exactly what they have booked and when.

Exceed your clients' expectations.

A system that just fits

Having one place to manage your memberships, payment methods, form and waiver collection, and client details will add value to both your and your clients' experience. Clients will love how quickly it is to go from registration to confirmation, and you can enjoy the benefits of a system that works for you in all aspects of your business.

Website sign-up

Clients can sign up and manage their accounts from your site or the member app

Venues and rooms

Allocate specific rooms in a venue to your appointments

Instructor availability

Set and manage instructor availability to schedule appointments

Online register

Mark off attendance or no-shows on any device

Appointment management

Reminders and pre- or post-class notifications for clients and coaches

Plays nicely with others

Host class and appointment booking side by side


Set client forms or waivers per membership prior to appointment day


Take payments for appointments on their own or via memberships


Include appointments in your membership plans


Keep all your content and classes in one place

Client relationship management

Find your clients' appointments in their profiles

Activity Feed

See when and what your clients are booking

Mobile app

Native App for iOS and Android included


Track your most popular appointment types and coaches

All core features included

Enjoy all the core features, regardless of your price plan


Offer in-person and online appointments


All the integrations you need including Zapier and Zoom


Automate all communications - just turn up and coach

Waiting Lists

Manage popular time slots automatically, messaging via mobile app or email


Promote one-on-one sessions directly on social media with discount codes

Customer referral program

Clients refer new clients to your business

Let's get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp's appointment scheduling software is right for you? Here are some common questions.

Who can I offer appointments to?

Everyone! You have the ability to set the visibility of your appointments either to everyone, memberships only, or business only. Setting it to memberships only will allow only members to see and business only will require you to send the shareable booking link to specific people. You can edit the visibility of your appointments at any time and even customize them to only be available to specific memberships. This will require clients to purchase this membership if they would like to register for one of your appointment types.

Can I offer my one-on-ones, PTs, private sessions, consultations, meetings, assessments, weigh-ins, etc., via the Appointments feature?

Yes! TeamUp has been designed with flexibility in mind. You can set up your schedule to cover all of your scheduling needs.

What's the difference between an appointment and a class in TeamUp?

Good question! TeamUp offers several registration types — appointments, classes, and courses. Classes allow multiple attendees and are scheduled at fixed times. Appointments are built for one-on-one sessions with your clients and are scheduled based on the availability you set. They are available to book in your appointments section of the customer site and it will only appear for you and your client in the calendar once an appointment has been made and confirmed. All of your TeamUp features including memberships, payments, collecting forms and waivers, and reporting work the same for appointments as they do classes. They are simply two different types of offering.

Can I host online appointments on Zoom in TeamUp?

Yes, just like your classes you can also host your online appointments via Zoom when your venue for the appointments is your Zoom meeting room. To learn more about running your online appointments with TeamUp's Zoom integration, check out our guide here.

Do I have to offer personal training sessions to use the appointments tool?

Not at all! While this tool is best suited for fitness businesses, such as personal trainers that typically offer one-on-one sessions, all TeamUp customers can use this tool for any appointment needs in their business, for example, consultations, initial assessments, check-ins, private classes, and so on.

Can I assign an appointment to a room or a space?

Yes, you can! With the new Appointment feature also comes TeamUp's newest addition to venues — rooms. You can now add rooms to any venue so that when you create an appointment type you can assign that type to a specific room or space in the venue. You can even assign multiple rooms to an appointment type to allow for extra possibilities in case a room is already booked for a time your client wants to schedule an appointment. They'll get the next available room. You can edit this at any time if rooms are no longer available for that type.

What reporting do you have for appointments?

The reporting for your appointments tool and classes are the same reports, ie. instructor hours and attendances. You can customize each report by a specific appointment type in order to be able to find the data you are looking for.

Where are my clients' information and details stored?

All client information can be found in your customer list in your dashboard. Forms and waivers during the purchasing process allow you to collect valuable data from your clients including details, fitness history, preferences, and more before they even register for an appointment. If you ever need to verify or check information, you can do so by searching for that client in your customer list.

Can an instructor be booked for an appointment if they have a class running at the same time?

Availability won't be shown if the instructor is assigned to a class at the same time. This is automatic so even if an instructor adds a class, the availability will be automatically removed from their schedule so that there is no conflict.

Can I set a buffer between appointments?

Yes. This is especially desirable when the instructor wants some time to get to the next appointment. You can either select the appointments to start at specific time blocks or create a buffer before and after each appointment. Clients will not be able to book appointments during buffer periods unless an instructor changes the availability.

Can I copy my appointments to my external calendar (iCal, Outlook, etc.)?

All booked appointments can be exported to their calendar preference in your settings. You can even connect each instructor's individual calendars to export their appointments.