Fitness Business Reporting

A cleaner, more detailed dashboard

How can I use TeamUp’s reports to help me grow my fitness business?

Understand your business from all sides. Make your customers feel at home.


Track signups, new customers, first visits. Automate key touch points to help you sign up new clients.


Track signups, referrals, and purchases. Evaluate your marketing and onboarding strategies.


Rerun reports regularly to track the most popular class times, your most frequent customers, updated emergency contact details, and everything else about your business.


Tag customers who are slipping away and automatically protect against churn, monitor drop in attendances, reduce no shows/late cancels, membership cancellations.

Growth tracking

Understand revenue changes. Predict membership increases and decreases. Track and understand trends in sign ups and conversion to trial and memberships.

TeamUp has made managing our members simple and time-efficient. Running a busy CrossFit box means that time is at a premium, so having easy-to-access reports and simple-to-use features allows me to focus on coaching and the day to day running of the box.

Mark Williams

CrossFit Napalm

Be the expert on your business.

Detail like you’ve never seen before

Access your key reports to find out who attended the most classes - and who no-showed the most this year. Filter and group by how people pay - or what membership they have. Dive as deep as you need.

It makes the whole process so easy for me and my clients. It’s great to have class bookings & revenue displayed in such a clear way.

Lucy Cronin 365 Motivate

Your business at-a-glance

Focus your energy on priorities. Cut down wasted time and get to the important stuff first. Streamline your workflow. This dashboard will give you everything you need to know about your business.

Keep track of all the little things

With customer details in one place, you can see their contact information, waivers, membership, when they registered and any injury information or notes. Live updated reports show changes to key data points.

Link with automations

TeamUp has helpful automations built in. Is a client slipping away? Message them automatically. Is someone’s pack running low. Never forget to remind someone to renew.

TeamUp also integrates with Zapier to let you automate almost anything you can imagine.

Keep on top of trends

Spot potential problems before they become an issue. Deep dive into member behaviour and performance. Keep classes full and engaged.

Reports open up possibilities

Make decisions with confidence. When you know what works and what doesn’t, your business thrives.

Best attendees

Who visits your classes the most?

Most no-shows

Who no-shows the most?

Late cancels

Who late cancels after the cut-off time?

All no-shows

Break down everyone who didn’t show for class

Booking method

Where are your bookings coming from?

Popular classes

What are the most popular classes?


Group every element on your reports to analyze the way you want

Instructor performance

Which instructors are the most popular?

Venue performance

If you run multiple venues

New memberships

Who converted to membership?

Expiring memberships

Which memberships are due to expire?

Customer referrals

Who referred the most?


Which promotions worked the best? Which discount codes were used?

Store sales

Which items were your bestsellers


Export any report, any view, any group with a click

Report dashboard

See all reports laid out on a dashboard and access your favourites

Any date range

Generate reports over any date period you need


Reporting on instructor hours and classes they teach

Be the expert on your business.

Your 30-day free trial only starts once you have real clients booking classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if TeamUp is right for you? Here are some common questions about reporting.

I love this report in my current software, does TeamUp have it?

We recommend checking out a free trial to make sure but TeamUp has some of the most comprehensive and user friendly reporting you’ll find in any system. If you’ve got a specific thing in mind, schedule a call with our team and we’ll chat it through with you.

Can I customise the reports to answer specific questions that I have?

Yes, you can filter or group on any field on the reports. If you are data hungry you can export any part of the data to play with.

I want to see my revenue for last month and who attended class

Revenue and attendance reports are broken down into a simple format and you can always go back and evaluate historical data - it’s all there for you at any time.

I find reporting very complicated, can you help me understand what I need to look for?

From the moment you sign up for a free 30 day trial you have unlimited access to our personal and friendly support team who are there to help you be successful. If you’re not sure where to start you can do a guided walkthrough with one of the customer team. Once you master reporting you will find the advanced features available for the future when you are ready.