Teamup grows with your business

Every plan includes the full feature set. It scales with your business, and is designed to help businesses of all size to grow.

Price scales











Prices shown are US Dollar.

Pricing adjusts automatically each month based on how many active clients you have. An active client is someone who attends or purchases something from your business during the month. A client is only ever counted once, regardless of how many times they attend or purchase.

Teamup Pro

We'll work with you to develop a custom solution tailored for your business. If you run a franchise or have other use cases specific to your business, get in touch to see how we can help.


Is the trial completely free?

Yes, and no credit card is required for access.

I'm not confident at setting new things up, will someone be available to help?

Yes, full support is included with your account. Ask us for a one on one screen share run through on your account.

Do I have to choose a more expensive plan to get access to all the features?

No, every teamup account comes with our full set of standard features, and access to all payment options.

Is the service secure?

Yes, the whole site (including this page, and the application) uses the highest level of SSL encryption. The same as used by the banks and finance companies.

How do the plans work?

All the teamup plans automatically scale based on the number of active customers in the previous month. An active customer is anyone who purchases something or attends an event in the previous month – but one person is always one person.

What happens if someone stops coming?

You only pay for active customers, so your price plan will sometimes go down as well. You can have unlimited leads in your database with any plan.

I'm not open yet, should I wait to start my trial?

Your trial only starts when you go live. So you get unlimited time to set up, followed by a full 30 day trial once you get started. Full support is available from the moment you sign up.

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Teamup gives you all the software you'll ever need to run your fitness business. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial or if you need more convincing, read about Teamup's full set of features.