Family tools: so parents can book for their kids

Booking classes for your kids is much simpler using the new family portal. Sign waivers, pay in advance and help your kid's gym experience improve before class even starts.

We’ve heard how messy it can get without the parent portal. When parents try to book for their kids without it, they have to sign in using their own names and emails. Some change their name to their kids’ name and sign waivers on behalf of their kids under the wrong name. This creates chaos in their lives, and in fitness businesses.

So we came up with something new: the family portal.

When we allowed parents to book for their kids, it suddenly because so easy to track. Questions like: “are they in the class?” and “do they have their waivers signed?” became so simple.

parents signing their child up for a gym class using the family portal

How does the family portal work in TeamUp?

“Who do you want to sign up? Sally Smith or Bobby Smith?” TeamUp breaks down the purchase process in an incredibly simple format so even stressed-out parents can cope with it.

This is a simple flow that has been fine-tuned to be easy to set up for parents without help.

Image is screenshot that says "Add Children" and "New Child" or "Parent." The visible fields are "Child First Name" and "Child Last Name."

Parents can manage every aspect of the family. You always have complete control as the business owner.

Image is screenshot that says The Mauve Family, Managers [Add a Manager] and Members [Add a Member]

What else can you achieve with the family features? You can...

  • Send notifications for all participants to the registered parent (or parents)
  • Handle situations where there might be multiple parents or guardians
  • Allow friends or partners to manage on behalf of others
  • Take payments using a single payment method
  • Manage every aspect of the account on behalf of parents
  • Sign and receive waivers, safety questions or surveys for participants
  • Customize anything about your sign up flow, the information you collect, or fine details about payments
  • Report on everything in detail

Everything you need is included, even the mobile booking apps.