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Introduction to the Fitness Journey research

Robert is 38 years old. He is a busy family man, with two daughters and a husband at home. When his daughters were smaller, he found that picking them up and playing with them kept his arms and back strong. Now they are a bit older, Robert knows he should do something to keep fit, but has a hard time imagining that he can find time to fit in a regular workout.

Then, something shifts. Something changes in Robert’s life. He decides to get fit, back to his pre-kids days. What happened to cause the shift? We don’t know.

So, Robert decides to look at local options. He gets on his phone and opens Google Maps. “fitness,” he types into the search bar. A bunch of red dots show up on the map: Cycle gyms, Pilates, Barre class… he could do all of these things, but which one would be sustainable for him? How is Robert choosing where to work out? We don’t know.

Robert talks to his husband about it, and they decide to ask their friends. How is he choosing whether to book? We don’t know.

Robert eventually decides to just sign up for a class and see what happens. His friend suggested CrossFit, and he liked the idea of group fitness. But, he’s not sure what to expect, and arrives smiling but a bit apprehensive. What does he need in this first class to make him feel that this is the right place for him? We don’t know.

Fitness business owners have strong instincts for answering these questions. When you decided to run a successful fitness business, you had to pay attention to what drives your customers to choose you, book with you, and stay with you. This research is meant to supplement your instinct.

With this data, fitness business owners can identify with this problem in a way that resonates with how your customers speak, or with the situation happening in their lives, to make sure they buy from you. This work makes sure your business attracts the people you are trying to attract.

The results in this report can be used for company strategy, class planning, and marketing strategy, messaging, and distribution.

You can use the information from this report when making big decisions, planning a marketing campaign, choosing where to put your marketing, when you’re writing out flyers, emails and web pages, hiring contractors, and onboarding new instructors or employees.

The Challenge

Grange Fitness Pro in Ipswich is a multi-use gym. It specialises in CrossFit and Boxing. They want to grow, and recently moved to a larger facility. With more instructors, more members, and a larger space, how do they grow while maintaining what makes them such a great place?

The stages of the CrossFit Journey

The beginning
I notice getting out of bed that my core strength isn’t what it used to be. My mother got weaker quickly in her old age and I’d like to avoid that.
Finding Grange
My wife was bugging me for ages to get me along cause she knew that I'd enjoy it.
Choosing Grange
I liked the mix of cardio & weight training & the variety each class offers.
Deciding to buy
Gyms really intimidate me, but grange fitness doesn't. Everyone here is different shapes and sizes
Happy member
Now I can play in practice football matches with my daughter for the whole duration, rather than being totally shattered after 5 minutes.

The Research

Matt and TeamUp worked together on a customer research project. We sent a survey to members and requested interviews from their best customers. 66 people filled out the survey, and 9 people agreed to interviews. That was enough to give Matt the insight he needed to plan his next steps.

The Experts

They reviewed the research and provided helpful insights and feedback that you can see throughout the results!

Claire Atkin
Marketing Expert
Tim Green
Ben Davis
Fitness Marketing Agency
Dan Mitchinson
CrossFit LE3
Dan Salcumbe
My Personal Trainer Website

What prompted people to look for
something like Grange Fitness?

What were Grange Fitness members struggling with before they found CrossFit and/or boxing? What happened
in life to cause that struggle?

Help me get to a healthy weight and live longer
I wanted a more intense, guided workout
Help me make working out more exciting
My child was interested in boxing

Help me get to a healthy weight and live longer

Survey mentions: 17

I was getting heavier and we had recently had a daughter, I wanted to be sure I was not compromising missing out on her life by being overweight and potentially shortening mine.

I wanted to get back into regular exercise after a back injury & was recommended GFP as they could tailor workouts around an injury whilst still keeping it challenging.

Recovering from an eating disorder. Getting stronger and amending a faulty body image.

I was diagnosed with a lung Illness. The tablets I was taking made be bloat up. Fed up with footy so done weight training (fortitude) and then my friend was boxing and said it was really good for fitness and also fun. So I joined up!

Couple years ago I got to a point, both me and the wife, were unhappy how much we weighed, how we looked. So we decided to kind of do something about it. We joined some weight loss group to lose weight and do more exercise.

So, I used to play football, that's about the only thing I did. I must have been, what? 37 then. So, you know, they all say it’s harder to lose weight when you get older so it just got to a point. To be fair the fitness side didn't really kind of, I wasn't too bothered about it to be honest, it just sort naturally happened and but yeah, it just got to the point where I needed to do something about... it was more to do with my weight than anything else.

I had to lose a bit of weight. So I had done a little bit of sort of fitness to get ready for that, but it was fairly light in comparison to what I do now. That was just sort of getting able to walk for several hours at at time, which I've never had a big problem with. But yeah, that was just trying to do a bit of training for that. There was a bit of a spell of six months where I got ready for this walk and then I had two years kind of doing nothing again. And I've had several years of doing nothing before the walking thing as well. So yeah.

I wanted a more intense, guided workout

Survey mentions: 13

"I had heard good things from several friends/acquaintances at other CrossFit gyms and it appealed to me as I was training for my second marathon and wanted a break from long distance running and to lift more weights."

Played various sports and worked out at gyms/circuit training all my life. Lost my enthusiasm for the regular type gym so took up boxing, but the club closed. Came across Suffolk Punch by chance, went to have a look, saw CrossFit going on then a neighbour mentioned GFP... and the rest is history!

Very dedicated to self improvement and training to be better, boxing is perfect for this physically and mentally, also realised how six years of weight training has dramatically hindered my natural sharpness, reaction and reflexes.

Help me make working out more exciting

Survey mentions: 8

I had been going to a gym and creating my own routines but started getting bored and needed a change.

Watching programs about CrossFit on Netflix, realising the gym I was a member of didn’t have the kit I needed and just generally suffering from boredom in the gym and injuries from rugby due to age.

Gave up 10 years of gymnastics, so looking for new sporting challenge.

I was already fairly active. I just wanted to do something pushing myself more. Just the impact it has on my body just injury wise. And it was just too, ya know, long distance running was just too much. So I wanted to do something to mix it up a bit.

I started going to [another place] round the corner and did personal training there, but I got bored of that quite quickly, and I was just quite lazy to be honest, I just don't like going to the gym. I just find gyms really boring. Can't get motivated to go because you know, it's up to you to go isn't it? So to speak. You don't book a class or nothing so... I just don't like gyms really.

My child was interested in boxing

Survey mentions: 6

Son wanted to take part in a local boxing class.

Tyler was looking for a new sport to learn and improve his fitness.

How do people find Grange Fitness?

How did customers find Grange Fitness?

A friend or family member referred me

A friend or family member referred me

Survey mentions: 35

A friend at work had told me about it and explained what CrossFit was.

My old boxing trainer at Beccles - Ultimate boxing.

My wife's cousin is a member at GFP, and she said why don't you come along? They do a free taster session, so I looked down the list and boxing was on there, so I signed up going to GFP. And I started going to Grange Fitness because my wife's cousin was there and she recommended just give it a go. So I always wanted to do boxing because I don't deny the CrossFit stuff doesn't interest me, because I've always wanted to box, learn to do boxing classes because I know, obviously, boxers are fit. So I know it would be hard graft but I didn't envisage what Suffolk Punch would be like when I went there if that makes sense.

My wife, she was bugging me for ages to get me along cause she knew that I'd enjoy it from the fitness point of view. And then I ended up sort of buckling to the pressure and went.

Well- it was just because a mate was doing it so I sponsored him to do it. He was asking for sponsors and we said we'd get involved. I do quite a bit, a few bits in boxing charity. So it was not an uncommon request. It was just something unusual. Normally it's they're doing something and you don't get involved, but with this there was obviously the result of the evening. And at the time, I've got a youngish daughter and just me not being fitter would be not be a great thing for the future. And for the current time to keep up with her.

I've always watched it on TV and stuff, but I never thought about getting in the ring and doing anything like that. Yeah, I went to watch a friend do it, really enjoyed it, and yeah. That was it. I signed up and then ... yeah, did it.

I had a friend of mine who was at the gym, and he recommended coming up to do the boxing with him. I thought why not, haven't done boxing for a few years.


Survey mentions: 16

A google search for gyms near me.

On the web.

Internet search and reading reviews.

Looked at the website and just sort of gave it a go.


Survey mentions: 5

My best friend started a couple of months before on a Groupon deal

I'd been to a few things with Matt before, so as I said, I've done bootcamp with him through Groupon. I've done another offer with him through Groupon, I think. I researched it from the point of views just to see what classes he offered. And, with the Groupon one that I did initially to obviously make me then decide that I wanted to join with. I tried everything. So, I did CrossFit, and I did boxing. My friend was only part of the boxing side.

What stood out about Grange Fitness?

What were the differentiators that stood out for customers?

CrossFit itself
Other members were friendly

CrossFit itself

Survey mentions: 18

CrossFit. It was a mix of everything I enjoyed in the gym, in one class, with a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

I wanted to do something different and was keen to do classes again and have someone tell me what to do rather than me trying to create a routine for myself. I’d thought about CrossFit before but was put off by someone telling me that l wasn’t strong enough. The free first class was appealing.

I liked the mix of cardio & weight training & the variety each class offers. I used to do Les Mills workouts which are very repetitive & only aggravated my injury.

I was worried that I was so far out of condition that I'd never be able to keep up or kill myself or something. But I needn't have worried about that. There was all sorts of different levels and surprising how quickly you do actually start to get to a reasonable level yourself, where you're able to do everything and keep up with everybody. But it's quite well scaled, so there's no worries if you are struggling. You certainly will be assisted and you certainly won't be balked at. I do know one or two other blokes that have done other boot camps that are more sort of military-related and they just shout the whole time. They don't last there, either. But Grange was not like that. So it was more encouraging and motivating and pushing you a bit harder than you felt you could do. Without putting yourself at risk.

What I enjoy about CrossFit is it's a combination. A) it's constantly varied but B) it's a combination. There's typically a strength element to it which is what you or I might call weightlifting, albeit with a number of sort of Olympic-style movements in it. And then there's usually an aerobic, sort of more circuit or Tabata type workout. So there's two specific elements. And whilst I was used to doing the circuit type, I've never really been instructed on how to lift weights properly. So for me it was enjoyable because A) I was working out but B) actually and what was really enjoyable was learning something new actually. So it was even more enjoyable in the sense of I develop skills and abilities. Yeah, the technical nature of it appealed to the more sort of intellectual side of my brain as well.


Survey mentions: 13

Close to work/home.

Location would probably be my first suggestion, followed by the fact it was instructor-led and not down to me to motivate myself.

Location! It was the only CrossFit gym I knew about and very close and convenient to get to.

Googled CrossFit gyms in Ipswich and there was maybe two. Just picked the one that was nearest really. And I went and did a taster session, loved it and haven't looked back since.

Other members were friendly

Survey mentions: 11

I think it's more the atmosphere. As soon as I started going I didn't feel the same pressures and judgments that I did when I was going to other gyms. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging and they all knew that me as a beginner I didn't have the knowledge and skill set that they all had but they were very keen to improve that and that was from the coaches all the way down to people that I've only just met also working out and just wanted to help get people better really.

I think it's the people that make a place, isn't it. It's the atmosphere, there isn't a hierarchy, there isn't the arrogance or the intimidation. I think that's hugely important for existing trying something new. You go from, like I said, I've moved in doing a bit more CrossFit and stuff I'd never done before. Stepped out of my comfort zone again. The people downstairs and stuff, obviously I have a PT up there, with Phil. He's done the transition bit, I suppose.
It's the people that make it what it is, really, right from the top, from Matt, even everybody else. It makes it more enjoyable, everybody has a laugh, it's all very relaxing. It is a community, really.

I think it's down to the people in the community. It is very trusting, it's very open, very relaxed, everybody has a laugh. It's very welcoming. Even though the times don't really fit in with me all the time, it's just a great place to train. There's just a little buzz about it, really. It's just like an extended family, I suppose. Everybody's just really nice, chill, friendly, happy to help, encouraging, motivating. There's always a good bit of banter going on, which makes life ... if you're having a shit day, someone's bound to make you laugh.

It's just motivating. Everybody's really positive. If you've never done it before, you're not made to think, oh god, here comes the newbie. She can't do this, or he can't do that. Everybody is really helpful and willing. I think that's quite a unique thing in a gym. It is quite a small gym, but I've been members of several gyms over the years, and it's not your typical gym, I suppose.

It's kinda the teamwork bit of it. Where you go in, you partner up with somebody, and it's a friendly environment. And the two of you, you know you change partners every week or every session. You get quite pally with the people you're partnering up with. And that's the thing I really like about it. You kind of encourage each other to work harder, and again, I like that side of it. And I do like punching people as well. Sorry, I didn't mean to say that.


Survey mentions: 10

A friend mentioned it, I went to a few classes and instantly saw benefits for self improvement.

Checked recommendations, and saw that you offered exactly what my son was looking for.

Miller made me join.

Recommended by work colleagues. Free first week a massive bonus.

What made members realize that Grange Fitness was right for them?

What was the “aha” moment that influenced purchase?

Friendly and supportive community
Great instructors
Enjoyable classes

Friendly and supportive community

Survey mentions: 25

I made friends who supported and pushed me to achieve my goals and made every session enjoyable.

I loved the first classes I went to. It was such a great atmosphere, everyone was incredibly friendly and I was drenched with sweat after my workout.

Not being an avid gym goer, and quite conscious of my lack of strength/physique, everyone at the box (members and trainers) were very supportive and encouraging.

Gyms really intimidate me, whereas grange fitness didn't intimidate me because everyone was different shapes and sizes. There wasn't a specific gym area. It was just more classes, and classes suit me better around what I want to get out of something, and to my confidence levels as well. So, I think that's kind of what made me want to join with the fact that I didn't find it intimidating.

I'd only been going a couple months and we had something called an in-house program. It's like a competition but with people within our gym. So, we got teamed up into teams of three and me not really knowing anybody there hadn't been going very long got teamed with a couple of great people and we ended up winning this throw down. It was a bit of a surprise to me but with everyone there being really supportive it sort of gave me that extra boost to propel me to do more and keep going back and that's what really kicked it into gear for me really to begin with cause I'd only been going a month two months so a lot of the movements I was worried about when we first got there I was thinking I don't know how to do them or anything like that but the team I was in really talked me through them and helped push us on.

We didn't spar or do anything for weeks. It was just the fitness side of things. I love the buzz that you get from being in the gym and the fitness things. It was just a different challenge. It was just great. It was doing something else, it was pushing me to another level of fitness. Everybody was really friendly. I think we were quite lucky in that we had a great group in my intake, I suppose. Equally, they're a great bunch up there, hence why I'm still joining and I'm being greedy in having two gyms, because I don't want to leave, even though some weeks I probably only get in one. That's just ... I'm fortunate in that I can do that.

Great instructors

Survey mentions: 8

Pushed me out of my comfort zone and the knowledge and help from the instructors.

I had a bad day last week, training wise for this fight, and I just had a bad night, nothing went right for me so felt a bit down and then the next day got back in the ring again did a bit more sparring with one of the guys there and the lad caught me with a couple of really good punches, proper stung me, got out the ring a bit disheartened and [a coach] came over and sat down and had a chat with me for a good five or 10 minutes just to lift my spirits and stuff. And he wasn't even coaching that day, he was just in a class, he wasn't actually working, but him just to have a chat with me made me feel about 20 times better about myself. Beforehand I was quite down, he didn't have to do that, but he did. That's just one example, I mean, people do it all the time there.

The way that my buddy got fit was he was doing boot camps and he was just praising how, because they're instructor led, you're motivated every time you go. Rather than coming up with your own program and hoping that it works and after a while, it probably won't. Because it was instructor-led, that was kind of the- that gave me the stickiness that I knew I would stay doing it, rather than just turn up and do what I thought and go again. I can see why people buy memberships and go for a couple of weeks and then don't go back again. I can see why that happens but that's never happened here. Not for me anyway. I think that was possibly the reason for picking that route and why I've been there so long. Because if it hadn't been like that, I'd probably would have had the same effect. I might have gone for the month I had the trial- you know, the auction prize that I bid for. I probably wouldn't have bothered after that.

Enjoyable classes

Survey mentions: 8

Just enjoyed the social aspect and the sense of achievement after each session.

I'm trying to think back now. The session started, we just did normal warm ups, which I really struggled with. At that point, I thought, "You know what, I really need to do this more often." That was the initial thought. But literally it felt like I was in there for about 5 minutes, and that was when the trainer said, "We're done" and I'm thinking, "Really? That was an hour? Already?" It flew by. I left there with a smile on my face. I felt confused and I thought, "Yeah, this is for me. Definitely this is for me." I've been ranting and raving about it ever since really.

Almost immediately really. As soon as the class began, you don't really have any chance to think about anything about what you were doing. You're either punching something or you're holding the pads or you were doing an exercise. When you weren't exercising, you were trying to get your breath back for the next session. Because it's kind of that hundred mile an hour pace. Which I really enjoy as well. It's just all sorts went out of my head, and it wasn't until it was over and I was walking back out and I went, "You know what, I really enjoyed that."

So basically it's just a complete change of the norm. From normal gym routines. Boring. I going in waiting around for people to finish on the treadmills and it's a little more mundane sort of gym life really where Grange Fitness is more, I don't know, it's an hour of intense stuff. You don't look at your phone, you don't watch films on your phone or listen to music on your phone. I don't know, it's just a lot more intense I suppose you could call it. You work out for that whole hour rather then being on the gym floor. You know, like in a normal run of the mill gym you can do your set or something on the weights and then also you look at your phone. Or see what's going on Facebook or whatever. Do you know what I mean? Your phone doesn't even come out of your bag when you're at Grange Fitness. It's good. I like it.

What are the ways life is better now for members of Grange Fitness?

What benefits did customers experience from going to Grange Fitness?

I’m stronger, and more agile and have higher physical endurance
I am motivated and supported by my community

I’m stronger and more agile, and have higher physical endurance

Survey mentions: 31

Play in practice football matches with my daughter for the whole duration, rather than being totally shattered after 5 minutes.

Just fitness in general. I was always overweight and now I can push myself to the extreme and love it.

Pull ups. I never ever thought i would be able to do them & would dread them being in a WOD but now i can do them.

Snatch, Clean & jerk, proper squat! Mobility is the best it’s ever been!

Exercise! I’ve not been able to properly for a very long time due to injury and following intense physio I was given the go ahead! The gym/Phil has reset my mind and I’m back in the game! I’d also never done a bench press before now.....still rubbish at them but can do them.

My core strength is so much better. I'm stronger. I'm fitter. Yeah, I can do a lot more than what I used to be able to do before, really. But, I just say that my overall kind of fitness level has definitely increased.

Well, I can box for starters, which I could never do before. Fitness wise, I can run further than I've ever run before, I mean, obviously compared to some of the people who are super, super fit, but I mean I can run for three miles, I couldn't even run 300 metres let alone 3 miles before, you know, I'm doing a charity boxing fight in three weeks which I would never have been able to do before losing weight and doing exercise at Sucker Punch.

All of the Olympic lifting movements, I've never really trained with a barbell previously and so things like that and lifting heavier weights and actually doing it with the right technique and the right form which I've learned and even down to gymnastics. All the legwork, the pull ups and the toes to bar, things that I never even knew about until I went to CrossFit. When you're feeling down you think alright I've only gotta do this two more times and I'm done so you really push yourself through that barrier. I think that's really helped.

Oh God, my cardio. I last a lot longer. I'm not so knackered. Lift heavier and fill a little bit more stronger, I suppose.

It's helped with my posture and flexibility.

I am motivated and supported by my community

Survey mentions: 6

Oh, yeah I think it's had a positive effect on many things. Confidence, mental health, general self esteem, you know. Every aspect. I think exercise is so important for all of that. Yeah, I definitely had the confidence to get a new job, to lose the fear of complacency and pushing myself to do something different, I probably wouldn't have been in that mindset if it wasn't for that. General lifestyle improvement.

It just makes you feel that people are there to look out for me who I had never met before just over a year ago and I've got a bigger social circle, one of the other boxers invited me to his engagement party. I only met the guy last year. You know, I would have never had that now. I've just made loads more friends there, just got new friends through Grange Fitness. If it wasn't for Grange Fitness I would never have met these people, simple as that. We all have that circle of friends we like, but I genuinely never expected when I went to go and do boxing that I genuinely would meet people that I would be good friends with through just going to do exercise.

I feel a bit more confident. I think the team spirit that's up there is good. Everybody encourages, there's no hierarchy, there's no, oh I can do it but you can't, type thing. It's just a general good feeling, I think. You know you've worked hard in a training session, you get that buzz from it, and actually have a laugh and enjoy it along the way, which I think is hugely important. It was an enjoyable challenge, rather than “oh my god I've gotta get through this to get to the end.”

Everyone knows you. Everyone ... the second day I went, I was a paired group. So you have to do the exercise in pairs. Never met the guy before and he's like, "Alright mate should we do it together." I was like, "Yeah, that's fine." It's a lot more friendly atmosphere. There you go. Then a normal run of the mill gym with everyone with their headphones in and don't talk to you.

Other interesting notes

I think [Grange] is something everyone should try, I might not be the only one. I think a few of the reasons are seriously fitness, physical well being, mental well being, saying how good exercise is for us.
If I could make one improvement to Grange, it would be adding in like Pilates or Slender, some kind of stretching and that would benefit, reduce the risk of, you know, injuries and stuff. That's it.
I'm forever telling people to try boxing. People think boxing is a bit of a taboo sport because obviously it's contact and all that sort of stuff but people always welcome you there with open arms.
There are people who have been there forever and a day but those people always welcome you in and they'll give you advice and they'll give you help and make you feel part of the group. I don't think you get that with a lot of gyms to be honest.
With GFP, people are more inclined to help other people. I found at other gyms we were at people were just looking and thinking, "You're not lifting very heavy weights and you're not very strong." and it was always very judgmental.
I was hoping it would improve the fitness side of things. I've always played football and I've always been relatively fit anyway. I thought...I hoped that would even improve that a little bit more and I'd like to, well I have, and I thought I'd change my body shape. I'd start to grow and do the right things and focus on the right movements and things to build strength in the right places.
They coin a lot of phrases in CrossFit but one that really sticks with me is "pain cave." So you're in this little cave that's just so painful but you can see the end of the workout or you know the movements that you're doing so you can really push through that barrier cause you know there's that goal at the end and you know how good you're going to feel when you get there. That really spurs me on anyway cause I know when I get there I know how hard I've worked to get there. You just push yourself over that last little reach so it's a lot of the mental capacity as well as physical.
I think it just gives you an overall outlook cause I guess you can take that into anything you do really that positivity. You can really use it in day to day life rather than just from a functional fitness point of view. You can use it in your work life, social, everything if you know that you can withstand something and get through something, I think that gives you a better outlook on life anyway, a better well being. I guess that's my thought, other people might think differently, but that's how I see it.
I just think a lot of people think what I did before I went. They think [CrossFit] is a lot worse than it is. A lot of people think it's torture almost, it's not until you actually start doing it that you think okay it's a lot of hard work but the benefits you get out of that hard work and the way it makes you fit afterwards and hitting your goals, hitting your PBs, totally outweighs how bad it can be... I think as long as you can get people in, they'll get hooked straight away cause that's what I did.
I think it's ran really well and we've got a lot of classes on at different times to sort of suit everyone's social lives and work lives to get around it so I think it's ran really well and certainly the equipment and the actual building itself is very small but I know he's looking to put in a mezzanine level as well to sort of open up space. So apart from that, apart from it being a bit cramped, it's good, it's really good.
If you're unable to motivate yourself or unable to do something regularly, you do need to sign up with something like these guys. Get involved on a regular basis and you'll be given all the support you need.
I just think it's a little bit of a hidden gem sometimes, whereby if you ask anybody who goes they'll probably be within reason as enthusiastic about the place as I. But obviously you need to widen your net to get more people going, to create more value for the business and a better environment for those people that are in there.
I still look back on it and it still seems so surreal that I've actually done it. It is a self achievement that not a huge amount of people do.
Fit body, fit mind. Enables you to deal with stress easier. Things that life throws at you. If you're having a rough day at work, it's a great place to go and unwind. Yeah, just generally ... I'm a firm believer in the fitter you are, the easier you can deal with whatever life throws at you.
I played football and rugby to a pretty high standard. And when, I don't know, you get to your mid-30s it's quite a struggle to play football. I was picking up more and more injuries in football and stuff, so that's when I started going to the gym. I think basically by that age you've just set a pattern, haven't you, of exercising two or three times of week. It's your behavior and when I don't exercise as I haven't been able to for the past month, you just feel all this horrible pent up energy. It affects your mood, it affects your well-being, it affects your sleep. You get those endorphins from exercising. They're addictive. And I miss them when I don't exercise. I think probably as with any hobby really, once you've got into a routine it just becomes who you are in your behavioral pattern. For me, I've always been pretty aware of my own health rather than just haven't thought what it is to maintain it.
I think anybody who tries CrossFit is, and CrossFit is aware of this as an organization, is concern that it sort of seeks fit people. It's not at all, really. But it's a real issue that CrossFit has to deal with. And in actual fact, CrossFit Inc. have really tried to turn it away from elite fitness to ... their expression used to be "forging elite fitness." Well that's not ... that's going to appeal to 5% of people who go to gyms, isn't it? Actually it's "improving health" is their mantra now. And I think the problem that I and others have with CrossFit is that it sort of appeals to the hard core, and there's a hard core element at GFP. In fact, it's a problem that GFP and CrossFit gyms in general have to really work hard to combat. And it sort of doesn't help themselves really because they're a bit macho and you go in there there's the people who tops off and things like that.