Class Packs
Free Taster Session
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Come and try a CrossFit class.
This fully coached and socially distanced 45 minute class uses simple movements to get your heart rate up.
No experience necessary, all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of ability welcome.

Drop In - £10
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Valid for a single class.

Monthly Contracts
My Nine
Access to any 9 sessions each month.
- CrossFit
- Barbell Club
- Cardio Sunday
- Team WOD
- Open Gym

Unused sessions do not roll over into subsequent month.

12 Month Unlimited Membership
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 365 days.
This membership entitles you to 12 consecutive months of Unlimited membership for the price of 10, and to all of the benefits and privileges of our monthly Unlimited membership.
This also protects you from any price rises that might occur in the next 12 months on this membership .

Terms and Conditions - purchase indicates acceptance of these terms
- This membership starts on the day of purchase and runs for 12 calendar months from that day.
- NO refunds will be offered on this membership, no matter if the participant leaves the gym for any reason, or if the gym is closed due to lockdown or any other reason.
- This membership cannot be put on hold at any time.
- No other discounts, including Forces Discount, may be applied to this price.

Primal Life x LN CrossFit Hybrid Membership - 2 CrossFit Classes per week
We are delighted to be working with Primal Life Gym to offer this hybrid membership!
By signing up here, you will receive two CrossFit classes per week, any time and any day.

Access to any 2 regularly scheduled classes each week.
All of our classes are fully coached, and will include a full demonstration of the movements and skills that are used in each workout. The programme of work is different every day, and will be composed of varied elements of weightlifting, body weight exercises, and cardio. The work will challenge you in every possible way, and the atmosphere will keep you moving until the clock runs out!

This membership also includes our 2 hour Intro to Olympic Lifting instruction session, offered weekly at LN CrossFit and instructed by Head Coach Kristen Ingraham-Morgan (British Weightlifting Coach L1, CrossFit Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Coach L2).

This membership is only valid when held in conjunction with a Primal Life membership.

Weeks run Monday-Sunday, and unused classes do not roll over into subsequent weeks.
“Plunge” - Cold Water Therapy Workshop
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 14 days.
Cold Water Therapy Workshop

Jake Harkness, once a member here at LN CrossFit, has recently opened his own Cold Water Therapy Business. As a few of you seem to have been asking questions on the Imps Page regarding the benefits of Ice Baths, we have asked Jake to deliver a couple of workshops for you to attend. This will include:

- Introduction to Jakes journey
- Ice Bath Safety including the Dangers
- Benefits of Cold Water Therapy
- What to expect (breathwork prep, movement, dip - during & after) rewarming etc explained
- Guided Wim Hof Group Breath Work
- Cold Water Dip (time depending on water temperature and how individuals respond) at approx 5-6 Degrees, including guided movements and breathing Before, During & After
- Re-warm & Debrief
- Hot Drinks & Home Baked Snacks

This session will be One Hour Long and cost £20 per person. Each session will be limited to 10 Members.