C-Section Scar Therapy
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Let my hands treat your scar and entire body to some TLC and release work. During our 60 minute treatment I will do a full screen of your breathing patterns, I’ll assess the scar and area around it, then my hands will get to work. Using a variety of massage, soft tissue therapy, instrument assisted massage and scar therapy techniques I will start to release stuck tissue, improve circulation and ultimately make a positive change to your scar.
Even if you think your scar is ‘fully healed’ we can never know what’s happening below the surface if we don’t feel for it.
This massage is suitable for ladies who have had their 12 week post c-section check right the way through to 20, 30 or even 40 year old scars!
What will the treatment consist of;
You will be sent a pre-treatment health screen asking for details of your scar history, your reasoning for booking the treatment, your pregnancy information and more. I do this before I see you which because it will allow me to truly prepare for your bespoke treatment.
During your first treatment;
This appointment will be 60 minutes long and will start with me assessing your breathing, the way your tummy, ribs and back move as you breathe. Scars often affect your breathing patterns which can have a huge knock on affect through the rest of your body.
Once I have established what’s happening with your breath I will treat you using a variety of techniques including massage, soft tissue release and instrument assisted massage techniques. Every person is different so therefore every treatment is different.
I won’t just be treating your scar but also the area around your scar and wider. Scar healing truly is a ‘global’ issue meaning your small csection incision affects not just your lower abdomen but your whole body.
At the end of our treatment I will give you some homework to help continue the work I have started.

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