Top Step Kidz
Top Step Development is proud to promote cycling at a very young age by developing a program that will empower kids ages 5 and up to learn the basic skills required to ride on mountain biking trails. With a introduction to racing on our team and advanced skills when ready.

Practice schedule Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm

Must-have Equipment:

Mountain bike with gears and hand brakes. Tires need to be knobby for dirt trail traction.

Proper fitting helmet. Helmets must stay snug during riding.

gloves. Hands tend to get sweaty and full-finger gloves protect against slipping on the grips and any chances of falling and scraping hands and fingers.

glasses for eye protection. The trail are full of bugs, dust and low-hanging branches that may hit the face during riding hence eye protection is mandatory.

Cycling Water bottle and water bottle cage or hydration backpack.

​Four our newer riders MT bike Fundamentals will be taught and tested:
Ready/neutral position for descending hills
Side/Side bike body separation
Pedaling/shifting efficiently
Controlling speed and braking safely
Cornering confidently
Handling obstacles and rocky terrain
Riding with vision
Ratcheting and momentum
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