Fitness PAYG (Pack of 5 classes)
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 3 months.
Fitness PAYG is for ad-hoc fitness classes only. We offer a 5 Pack, but sessions have to be booked individually.
This option is for New Back on Track Members for Fitcamps and HIIT classes. It is valid for 3 month.

Once you have completed the 5 PAYG sessions, please switch to one of our Monthly Membership Option or email Simone.
Excludes any running, hiking or other events.To see the current full class schedule see

Once you've submitted your PAYG Membership and Payment option, you will be redirected to the Schedule to SELECT your classes.
Choose: BOOK - for single sessions and return to TeamUP to book your next session
Do not choose: BEGIN A NEW RESERVATION: as this would book recurring classes.

Go to My Account/Registrations and select the class you want to cancel. Click on Details and choose to ‘leave class’ to cancel a single session. Then simply BOOK another class using your existing membership 'Fitness PAYG '.

You can amend your booking at any time if you stay within the 12h cancellation period.

PAYMENT OPTION: 1 Online Bank transfer
Please set up a bank transfer using your own online banking.
To do this select: CASH in TeamUp and I will reconcile your payment into the bank below of £45 with your TeamUp account.
Bank: Simone Dill (t/as Back on Track Running and Fitness)
Account: 74038124 Sort Code: 60-83-71

PAYMENT OPTION 2 Credit/Debit Card
Select: Credit/Debit Card to pay using your Debit or Credit card via Stripe using our integrated TeamUp payment system.
Its a safe and quick way to process your payment. Note: This payment option will inur extra card transaction fees to Back on Track.

See terms & conditions for more detail.
Thank you for considering joining Back on Track.

Terms and Conditions

BILLING: This membership bills on the day of your first class registration (your booking). If you arrange payment via bank transfer, please ensure that payment is done before you attend your first class.
Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership.

COMPLETION OF PAYG PACK: We encourage all new members to move to the monthly membership after the completion of your Fitness PAYG pack.

EXPIRATIONS/CANCELLATIONS: This membership expires after 3 month of your first class booking. We will remind you if you are getting to the end of your 5 packs. The membership fee is not refundable, even if you decided not to attend 5 classes or if you fail to book 5 classes within the 3 month period. If you have any questions please email