Ladies Who Lift Beginners Course
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 6 months.
Learn to lift and get stronger at your own pace!

The Ladies Who Lift Beginners Course is your introduction to strength training away from the faster pace of the regular classes. You'll be in a small group with other beginners, spending more time on technique and reinforcing good movement patterns. This will enable you to learn at a comfortable pace and feel confident lifting heavier weights.

Each week there will be a particular focus on one of the big lifts, along with some accessory movements to build up your whole body strength.

Week 1: Deadlift focus
Week 2: Squat focus
Week 3: Bench focus
Week 4: Repeat a Session or Join our Improver Class to start putting your learning into practise!

Week 4 is flexible according to your needs. You may want to repeat one of the 3 introductory weeks, if there is a lift you feel less confident about. Or you can attend our Improver Class, where you will get a taste of 'proper training' and feel at home in the weight room.

On completing the Course, you will receive the Ladies Who Lift Handbook, full of tips and advice, so you can refer back to it as you continue your strength training.

Our follow-on Improver Classes are there to ease the transition, either into our regular classes throughout the week, or to help you to start training independently in your own local gym.

The Ladies Who Lift Beginners Course can be done as a follow-up to our Intro to Powerlifting workshop, or as a standalone course.

Terms and Conditions

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