Sports Massage (30 mins)(6 pack)
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A Sports Massage manipulates the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the musculoskeletal system to improve it's efficiency. Massage will improve circulation, release muscle tension, align muscle fibres and help to remove waste products such as lactic acid.

Sports Massage is effective as routine maintenance for the physically active, athletes and those on their journey to wellness. Massage aids relaxation which reduces the likelihood of muscle injury.

Massage can be particularly useful just before an event to ensure optimum circulation or after an event to assist recovery and reduce metabolic build up. If recovering from an injury, then Sports Massage can reduce pain and speed up healing.

A Sports Massage can either be for 30 or 60 minutes.

Terms and Conditions

This membership will entitle the purchaser to a partial or complete discount on event(s)/class(es) offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. This membership cannot be refunded. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. See the details above for more information.