All Class Packs
This covers payment for unlimited KW HIIT, Chaos and Stretch & Core classes every 4 weeks.
You can attend as many as you’d like.
You must book into classes to secure place.
Place always guaranteed to members as long as booked at least 12 hours prior.

KW HIIT: 20 minute HIIT training using only body weight. All levels welcome.

CHAOS: Circuit style training involving functional equipment, strength and cardio.
Fun and fast vibes!
All levels welcome, Karleigh ensures everyone is training to their own abilities with great technique!

STRETCH & CORE: Online Wed evening 6.15pm. We cover a full body stretch and core workout to improve your posture, blood flow and core stability.
An absolutely fabulous session.
Stretch and core always gets forgotten about so let’s start focusing on it, this 45minute session will really fire up your abs and increase your bodies mobility, leaving you stronger and less likely to pick up injuries ?

X2 Classes per week. Any AM or PM Class included
This membership entitles you to any x2 KW classes per week.

Early birds
Stretch and core

This lasts for x4 weeks.

Should you book your x2 sessions and not show up, unfortunately they will be lost.
Your limit is x2 per week and this is for x4 weeks only.

This limit is in place for your own benefit so you get the most out of your. Lasses and reap the benefits.

It is only 2 days of the week, 2x45minutes to show up and work on you, get it done and reap the benefits ?

Thank you

Thank you


This covers you for all classes KW has to offer.
Early Birds, Metafit and Chaos.
All must be booked online and cancelled if you can't attend.

Starts on Dec. 27, 2021. Expires Jan. 1, 2022.
This is valid for x5 classes the week of Dec 27th
Every class is 11am
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday
27th-31st December included in your 1 off payment of £25.00
(What a bargain!)
Online Coaching
Online Coaching
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Check ins, helping with choices in restaurants, shopping or just general advice when things start getting onto of you!
After you have completed your purchased program and the 1:1s with Karleigh, you can continue with support around the clock and ongoing access to tips and tricks to keep you on top of your goals!
If you have not purchased a program online or currently attend karleigh's classes this is still an option however no meal plan or gym program, only advice and answered questions, motivational conversations etc. This is a very special membership and is worth every penny!
This is a monthly fee of only £5.00