Pack of 6 Classes
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Mix and match between all PK Fitness classes.

Class Timetable:

Tuesday - 6:30 PM

Saturday - 8:30 AM

Get stuck in, train hard, share support, commitment and motivation with a great group of ladies.

All classes are 45 minute duration. Consisting of a dynamic warm up, cool down and catch up afterwards.

Terms and Conditions

Please inform Phoebe at the beginning of the session of any injury and/or medical concerns you may have which could prevent your safe participation.

If you currently have concerns about your physical condition, you must speak with your doctor before starting any sessions at PK Fitness.

It is important to note that your participation in PK Fitness sessions is voluntary and that through physical activity, injury may occur.

As I am not a Doctor or Dietitian, I cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions. If any concerns or injuries occur during the session, you will be advised to seek advice from your Doctor or from another health professional.


All cancellations must be received 24 hours before the session. Clients who do not cancel within 24 hours notice may be charged for the single session.
****Please note, in bad weather conditions classes will be cancelled and you will not be charged for the session****


I strive to provide the best possible service for all my clients. If by any means you are not happy with the sessions or experience any extenuating circumstances I will happily offer you 100% of your money back on unused sessions.