THE RESET: an 8 Week Habit, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching Program
THE NEXT INTAKE WILL START ON Monday 8th Jan 2024 (Warm Up FREE Week from Monday 1st Jan)

The Reset is a 'Habit, Nutrition & Fitness Coaching Program' which has a structured approach that emphasises forming lasting habits over quick fixes with the objective to equip participants with the knowledge and tools needed to develop lasting nutrition and fitness habits for lifelong health and well-being.

Nutrition Basics: Understanding macronutrients, micronutrients, and their roles.
Fitness Fundamentals: The three pillars of Strength, Cardio and Flexibility.
Habit Formation Techniques: Weekly habit tracker to instill a healthy sustainable lifestyle.
Consistency Over Perfection: Emphasizing regularity in nutrition and fitness routines.
Progress Tracking: Monitor changes in fitness levels, weight, muscle mass, and other relevant metrics.

What does the programme include?
-Full 8 week training programme - strength and cardio training
-Nutritional guidance & Calorie targets (I will help guide you through your targeted macronutrients and you will be able to tailor this for your preferred diet).
-Weekly check ins where you will be asked to complete a weekly questionnaire to detail your week and update body measurements/ weight via our app and Kirsty will feed back to you with an individualised messaged so that this program becomes all about you.
- Tuesday 8:30pm Group Coaching Call - bring your questions and problems...
- In App and WhatsApp support group

The Reset Program is a health and wellness initiative to rejuvenate and restore the body and mind, setting the stage for sustainable, long-term healthy habits.

Join us.

  • £19.99 per month
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