STRONGER ME - Pre Recorded Weekly Workouts (monthly subscription)
Receive a fresh weekly workout directly to your inbox and access it, along with numerous others, on-demand. Keep your fitness journey convenient and exciting!
Each week you will receive a:
- 30 minute STRENGTH workout using dumbbells
- 15 minute CORE workout
- 15 mins MOBILITY / STRETCH workout
PLUS subscription to 100s of other pre recorded 'On Demand' videos.
The workouts are in real time so that you can easily 'CLICK and PLAY'. The sessions are designed to provide you challenging, effective and time efficient workouts for all fitness levels with minimal equipment. We help you to prioritise yourself to feel fitter, stronger and energised.
- Minimal Equipment: Learn to work with essential tools like a bench, a few pairs of dumbbells, or resistance bands to experience results you never had before.
- Effective & Efficient: Designed with circuit training format to keep your heart elevated, burn fat, and build muscle by shaping your body further.
- Anytime & Anywhere: Work out at home or on the go when you travel for work or vacation. It helps you move your body without breaking the bank.
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  • £7.99 per month
    Terms and conditions
    This membership bills every month. Payment for the first partial period will be prorated according to the days remaining in the period. This membership entitles the purchaser to a full or partial discount on events/classes offered by the business. Some classes/events may be excluded from this membership. Unless otherwise noted, this membership is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the membership. This membership cannot be cancelled early. The full 2 months must be purchased to receive the rate listed.