Full Membership
Your Full Membership gives you access to up to 2 sessions per day (includes CrossFit, all Speciality Classes and Open Gym sessions).
Minimum 3 month commitment, then rolling monthly membership payment on the 1st of each month.
  • £105.00 per month
    Terms and conditions
    All CrossFit Leeds Memberships are billed on the 1st of the month except for when setting up a new membership. New memberships are billed on the day of purchase for a pro-rata amount until the end of that month, then all subsequent payments are for the full amount on the 1st of each month.
    All newly purchased CrossFit Leeds Memberships have a 3 month minimum commitment. After the initial 3 month period of membership there is no cancellation period. The 3 month minimum commitment is for new membership purchases and not applicable when upgrading/downgrading your membership from one type to another.
    CrossFit Leeds Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be rolled over in part or in full to subsequent months.
    After any initial 3 month commitment period, all CrossFit Leeds Memberships can be cancelled with no notice period either directly by the member via their Team Up account, or by emailing Mike at mike@crossfitleeds.com.
    Provided cancellations are completed/emailed on or before the last day of the month, no further membership payments will be due. Cancelled memberships will expire on the last day of the month that has been paid for.
    If you are unable to train for a period of 1 month+ due to illness, injury or other unforeseen circumstance please email Mike at mike@crossfitleeds.com to discuss your membership arrangements. In most circumstances we are happy to put memberships on hold for sustained periods where you cannot train (this does not include going on holiday or being busy).
    There are no refunds in whole or in part on CrossFit Leeds Memberships.
    If you cancel your membership and decide to rejoin you will join on the current new member rate with a 3 month minimum commitment. If Memberships are full you will need to join the waiting list before being able to rejoin.