Make your Momentum - 8 Classes/Month
This is the perfect membership to progress at a steady pace in your training journey for fantastic value! Come to class twice a week and progress like a rocket!

Don’t worry if you are on holiday or have to miss a session due to life, you have a total of 8 credits to use up per calendar month, so if you can’t make it twice a week, you can come three times the next. This way, you’re never missing out, book catch ups yourself, and you can make the most of this membership by booking your training around life and stuff that comes up. It’s totally up to you how you use your credits and which classes you’d like to attend. There is no commitment length. You can cancel any time with 28 days notice before the next billing date via your GoTeamUp dashboard. Once you’ve signed up, your membership will be automatically added to your user account and you can start scheduling your classes right away :)

Aside from the epic savings, additional perks you get are double classes through December, you are entered into our regular membership holders giveaways, and you receive free and unlimited access to open training, and online flex and Pilates classes. This membership bills on the same day every calendar month.

Terms and Conditions:
This membership does not include one-off specialist workshops.
This membership entitles you to discounts for certain workshops and courses which will be announced as and when they are scheduled. Your membership needs to be active at the time of the event for your discount to be effective. If you fail to make your monthly payment on your scheduled date by 3 days or more, all upcoming bookings are cancelled and you won't be able to make any reservations until payment has been made.

This membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. No minimum term, 28 days notice for cancellation. This means you can cancel any time with 28 days notice before the next billing date. All lesson scheduled as part of the membership come under our 24 hour cancellation policy which everyone agrees to at the time of creating a customer account with Momentum Pole & Aerial. No refund on cancellation but lessons can be re-booked, given you unregister at least 24 hours prior to your missed lesson. Simply follow the link provided in your confirmation email and mix and match the lessons you'd like to attend as part of your membership.

It is the individual membership holder's responsibility to ensure lesson credits are used to their full allowance for each calendar month period. Credits are not carried over if you fail to book your allowance and reset for each payment period. It is your responsibility to ensure you book and attend your allowance to get the most out of your membership, and work around bank holidays. You are given double the classes through December!
  • £90.00 per month
    Terms and conditions
    All recurring memberships that bill monthly are subject to the following terms and conditions. Do
    read these carefully please and ensure you are fully aware before joining on a recurring membership.
    By going ahead with the purchase of a recurring membership including Model, Make, Multiply,
    Master your Momentum or the Momentum Method payment plan, whether at full price or a
    discounted rate, you are agreeing to our recurring membership terms and conditions listed below.
    All recurring memberships and payment plans are non-transferable.
    1. Minimum term
    There is no minimum term for Model, Make, Multiply and Master your Momentum memberships
    when purchased at full full rate and you can cancel your membership at any time, but you do have
    to give 28 days notice.
    The Momentum Method payment plan is simply a way for you to spread the cost of the 12 week
    program. If you choose to drop out at any point during the course, you are still liable to complete
    any remaining monthly payments.
    Model your Momentum 5 classes/month membership has a minimum term of 3 months when taken
    out on the new starters offer whereby the first month is free. Please ensure you are comfortable to
    join for 3 months if you wish to make use of our offer of enjoying your first month for free. By you
    going ahead and registering for the free intro month on the Model your Momentum membership,
    you agree to enter a minimum term of 3 months.
    2. 28 day notice period
    When cancelling, please ensure you do so at least 28 days BEFORE your next scheduled billing date.
    If you cancel with less than 28 days until your next billing date, you will be billed for one final cycle,
    and you have the full month to take advantage of all your classes. Memberships cannot be cancelled
    with less than 28 days notice.
    3. Cancellation
    You can conveniently cancel via the GoTeamUp account dashboard, or alternatively contact us and
    we can arrange it for you in line with the 28 day cancellation period.
    4. Cooling off period
    As within your consumer rights, you have 14 days from entering a recurring membership (Model,
    Make, Multiply, Master your Momentum) to receiving a full refund if you change your mind. Please
    be aware that this does not apply to the Momentum Method payment plan as you are booking a
    course with set dates. You must notify us via email, WhatsApp or FB message for us to action your
    cancellation within the cooling off period.
    5. Upgrading and/or downgrading
    We‘re always happy to chop and change your recurring membership as you need it and we can
    action these changes immediately. Please get in touch with us for changes you want to me made
    with immediate effect. Any changes from your next billing date, you can conveniently and quickly
    make yourself via your GoTeamUp account.
    6. Pausing your membership
    If you cannot attend for 28 days or more, we can pause your membership. Please get in touch with
    us to arrange this for you. We cannot pause your membership if you go on holiday for a week or
    two. Instead please make use of the flexible nature of the bookings and schedule your sessions
    around your trips and commitments xxx
    7. Please also familiarise yourself with the membership description. It contains information on our
    standard 24 hour policy for class cancels and no shows, and most importantly the freebies and
    giveaways and other good stuff you get with a recurring membership woot woot xxx
    8. From December 2024, every year, you receive DOUBLE your credits for December, for the same price! So you can go all out on training between parties!