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Includes all classes
£0.00 per month

Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Relaxation, sports massage or deep tissue. Helps ease muscle pain, soothe anxiety and depression, improves sleep, boosts immunity, relieves headaches.

Girls Allowed Online Fitness
Join a fitness community for £20 a month
What you’ll get:
-A library of different workouts to suit everyone! Workouts for at home and the gym
-New Workouts added monthly
-Live Workouts, zoom workouts and outdoor sessions
-Online support and advice
-A supportive community to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals!
Join us today and reach those body goals in 2019!

Gym Only Membership
For use of the gym only (Classes not included) - 11 month contract
£0.00 per month
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 6 months.
Purchase a block of 10 Fight Klub classes for £55