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TeamUp is used by over 2500 fitness studios, boxes and gyms; here is what a few of them had to say.

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We've been using TeamUp since late 2015 and it's been amazing. When I started running my group and personal training I was really looking for a way for people to take online payments, that was really important to me and it was more professional and I also wanted it to improve the customer experience. I asked around about different booking platforms, and then I came across TeamUp and there was a simplicity and great way to integrate with my business and when I presented it to existing clients and new clients, they loved it.

James Bramwell,
JB Fitness UK (from testimonial video)

Here's what our customers say...

Whether you are just starting out fresh, looking to use management software in your established business or just finding your current software complicated and expensive TeamUp fulfils your requirements. Read and watch some of our customers case studies below to see how TeamUp works for them.

Being able to like prorate payments and the different options that you have for billing and you can change the structure of your membership and there are just all these different things you can do.

Carly Britton

Diligent Fitness

I have loved being able to use TeamUp. It has really helped me with laying the foundation for my business, for getting both the membership offering, the single class booking offering, for creating a calendar of recurring events that I know that my clients can depend on.

Anna Pugh

Spacetime Monotasking

I knew that we were using this software in an unconventional way so I am impressed to see other businesses using TeamUp for something that isn't necessarily fitness-based, similar to our experience.

Sierra Miller

Tucson Weight Loss Surgery

It was so easy to set up and it offered us what we needed to be able to reach all of our patients regularly.

Sierra Miller

Tucson Weight Loss Surgery

It's been a real godsend for me. And like I said, price-wise and support, support is probably number one

Ron Dorr

Quality of Life Fitness Ageless Balance

It's been easy for me with the way that TeamUp is set up to create those recurring classes that all look the same so that the customer experience isn't any more complex than it needs to be.

Anna Pugh

Spacetime Monotasking

When I found TeamUp, I found that it was easy and allowed me to have a student schedule for fitness classes, purchase memberships and join the classes live.

Nijya Saffo

NK Fitness and Nutrition

I would definitely tell them to go for it, especially when it comes to group classes. They have a system where depending on how many active clients, which I like.

Jason Altidor

Jason the Core

I highly recommend TeamUp. And it's very simple. It's not complicated. And they respond when you do have questions and you don't understand something.

Carlos Codie

Elite Speed & Sports Training

When I encountered TeamUp, it was an immediate connection. TeamUp's platform was so user friendly, logical, well designed, and there was so much flexibility.

Chip Hartranft

The Arlington Center

TeamUp radically transformed my sense of how my business was doing. I've appreciated the friendly, effective support the Arlington Center has received from TeamUp since the beginning. As far as the Center is concerned, we made the right choice.

Chip Hartranft

The Arlington Center

If TeamUp went down my business would go down. My entire business is run through TeamUp. My client portal, my scheduling, my payments, everything. I think I could sell it to everyone in the country, and I can say that because I have tried everything else.

Joe Lyons


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It just gives so much in terms of convenience and importantly means that I can focus on the swimming

Warren Wallace

Odyssey Swimming

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