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TeamUp is used by over 2500 fitness studios, boxes and gyms; here is what a few of them had to say.

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We've been using TeamUp since late 2015 and it's been amazing. When I started running my group and personal training I was really looking for a way for people to take online payments, that was really important to me and it was more professional and I also wanted it to improve the customer experience. I asked around about different booking platforms, and then I came across TeamUp and there was a simplicity and great way to integrate with my business and when I presented it to existing clients and new clients, they loved it.

James Bramwell,
JB Fitness UK (from testimonial video)

Here's what our customers say...

Whether you are just starting out fresh, looking to use management software in your established business or just finding your current software complicated and expensive TeamUp fulfils your requirements. Read and watch some of our customers case studies below to see how TeamUp works for them.

I think from a small gym, small PT studio, small group training studio, point of view, this is probably one of the most valuable pieces of software in the marketplace, from affordability to what it does.

Nick Wardle

Body Transformation Centre

I would say TeamUp would be the best money you will spend because it is money you will save in the long run and it will make your life easier.

Greg Mikolap


What you get with TeamUp seven years ago, when I first met the TeamUp team, is the same you get with them today. There is no difference in personality and I like the connection and that's the biggest thing.

Sam Beagle


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I highly recommend TeamUp. And it's very simple. It's not complicated. And they respond when you do have questions and you don't understand something.

Carlos Codie

Elite Speed & Sports Training

TeamUp is super intuitive and you can work it out, but if you can't there is great customer service that can help you.

Kathryn Edwards

Empower Fitness Training x Balance the Countryside Gym

With TeamUp, we never have any of those problems, like literally, it's just being perfect in every way. And the clients love that.

Pearse McNerney

Raise the Bar Fitness

With TeamUp, I'm like, oh, yeah, you know, it's easy. It's not a problem. And if you've got a problem, you just message them. And it is absolutely fantastic.

Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell Lifestyle & Fitness

It was a perfect tool in those days and still is because we still have busy classes and it's a great way to control the flow of the people.

Janis Arsts

Fit Family Tree

TeamUp has helped me to build and further enhance the trust between myself and our members.

James Bramwell

JB Fitness UK

TeamUp is probably the only business that I really enjoy using the chat widget for. If I can't figure out something it's so easy to use to click and ask questions. I also like that it comes back in an email, but that I can still see the messages in the chat within my TeamUp account. I have never had a problem getting an answer.

Jen Johnson

Jen Johnson Lifestyle Fitness

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If TeamUp went down my business would go down. My entire business is run through TeamUp. My client portal, my scheduling, my payments, everything. I think I could sell it to everyone in the country, and I can say that because I have tried everything else.

Joe Lyons


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I actually feel like TeamUp is a family and everyone cares. It has completely changed my business and what I am doing.

Sarah Maxwell

Sarah Maxwell Lifestyle and Fitness

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