CoeActive owner, Hayley Coe, discusses why she switched to TeamUp and how that helped her business evolve

Hayley Coe shares why she happily made the switch to TeamUp and how she has been able to grow her business since finding the right software for her.

"So for me it's been a huge difference in not only my time but the way that I interact with my business. It's now such a pleasure to sit down on my laptop, open TeamUp and do whatever I need to do because it's easy. I know what I'm doing it's quick, effective and yeah, it's made my life 10 times easier."

Why I switched from Mindbody to TeamUp in 2020

My name is Hayley Coe and my business is called CoeActive Fitness, and it's been around, as a membership system, it's been around since September 2018. I've been teaching classes since 2011. After I trained as a dancer in London, I needed to kind of make some money, I started in Zumba and it kind of grew from there. I always worked in the community and always set up my own classes. So I kind of, I was used to that system of having my own clients, it was just how to manage them and manage the payments better. I was on a pay as you go, and which really isn't effective if you want to grow a business or you want to look after your future income by having insurance or paying into a pension. And it's not, it's not sustainable.

So in September 2018, I set up a membership system and it wasn't actually with TeamUp in the beginning, although I really wish it had have been. But having gone through the struggles with another provider, it made me realize how awesome TeamUp is. And had it not been for a membership system, i.e. people pay online for their memberships, they book their classes online, it doesn't have to be managed the packages, but without that structure of being able to take payments online and then collect data online, so their email address and adding them into a community like Facebook group, without that infrastructure, there is no way that I could have made my online classes as successful as they were. And so it was a massive learning curve about how important that was. And then it was during that period that I realized that the other provider I was using just wasn't was working for me anymore, you know, sending Zoom links out. And I was doing 20 classes a week. It was just so unmanageable.

And so I changed to TeamUp in September 2020 and it's hands-down the best thing I ever did. So, yeah. And then just looking to go back into face to face, in May of 2021, because that's in the UK, that's when we can start. And I'm really excited to go back to having a face-to-face timetable and an online timetable and in a couple of weeks, I'm launching a new on-demand platform as well via Vimeo OTT. So, yeah, it's been a massive, massive learning curve, has not come without its tears and struggles with an online setup and having to learn that, but with a little bit of a little bit, you know, help from other people who are doing exactly what I was doing and the combination of figuring it out myself. I did get there in the end. So it's nice.

Now that I've learned some things that I might be able to help other people with, which I do. And so, yeah, it's exciting to go back and even more exciting to go back with TeamUp because I grew relatively quickly in the beginning, but I'll grow even faster with TeamUp. So I'm very excited to use all of those tools that TeamUp has. I had been with Mindbody, and when I first launched, you know, going from cash pay as you go to OK, I want to be a serious businesswoman now and I need to actually put some effective measures in place in the first one is going to be how my clients pay and book the service. And I didn't know anything back then. I literally went with what my friend was doing, I was like, well, he's with Mindbody, I'll go with them. I didn't know anything else. I didn't know what was out there. So first of all, again, these are some of the things that I now know but didn't know. So cost-wise, huge difference in cost. Mindbody, it's very expensive for the service it offers.

Having said that, if they had provided a decent service, I don't mind paying. I've never have minded paying for something that's going to work. So really, the cost is it's relative, but not important because most the most important things is the ease of convenience in terms of how you use TeamUp. You could hop onto TeamUp and be a complete beginner, not know anything, you might just be starting a business and you'd be able to figure out the majority of what's going on. You know you have little snippets of text throughout the whole site telling you what this button does, and if you do that, X will happen. So you don't need to go and try and find a certain button will do at any given time. And that might not make a huge amount of sense, but when you start navigating, it really helps to know, well, if I click a recurring membership, what does that mean versus a package.

So if you're a complete beginner, it's just really easy. And just you feel very comforted by the fact that you're making your way through it and you're not faced by hurdles. The marketing suite within TeamUp is brilliant and covers pretty much everything that you need to do as a business starting out. And the most important thing is TeamUp worked. It's easy to navigate, it had Zoom integrated, it was easy for the customers to transition to, you know, really no problems at all. And it just makes it a pleasure to do work.

So I often found when I was with a customer email and they said 'Hi, I need to change my membership.' For me, I would just die inside because I know with Mindbody it's now half an hour just to do one simple thing. And with TeamUp, I'm like yeah sure, two seconds done and done. So for me, it's been a huge difference in not only my time but the way that I interact with my business. It's now such a pleasure to sit down on my laptop, open TeamUp and do whatever I need to do because it's easy. I know what I'm doing it's quick, effective and yeah, it's made my life 10 times easier.

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