30 Days for £30 Introductory Trial - New Members Only
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 30 days.
30 Days for £30...
30 days of unlimited access to all the group classes that Hub has to offer...and all this for £30.
With most classes having only 8 people per class you will get a service no one south of the river can offer you.
Classes include:
HIIT (BURN) our High Intensity Interval Training class. This class follows all work to rest ratio HIIT protocols, this class is a cardio vascular BURN.

Strength and Conditioning (BLAZE) our Athletic conditioning class. This class will comprise of a strength base element followed swiftly with a conditioning base element to give you the TOTAL workout.

Remember you have 30 days unlimited access to classes, all for just £30!

Terms and Conditions

This introductory offer entitles the purchaser to 30 days of unlimited Small Group Classes at Hub, 192-194 Clapham High Street. This offer starts on the day of purchase and will expire 30 days later.

If the holder of this offer misses or cancels a class, no reimbursement or compensation will be given.

Some classes/events may be excluded from this class pack and unless otherwise noted, this class pack is non-transferable.