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FREE Yoga Class
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 2 weeks.
If you....
- Fancy trying a yoga class that has a calm & gentle approach
- Looking to reduce aches & pains, stress & tension
- Dislike the idea of fast paced tricky posture yoga classes
- Want to be part of a small group friendly class where you are valued

Book your FREE class while you are here as I only have limited spaces as I like to keep the classes small so that its more personal and bespoke. Remember there is NO need to have done yoga before or be flexible!
** Remember to book on your classes after purchase

Monthly 'Unlimited' Membership
For you if....
* You would like to come to 1 or more yoga classes a week
* Want unlimited access to over 200 + yoga/meditation/functional movement classes a year
* Prefer to forget about payment & know that it is taken care of
* Book classes in advance and plan months in advance

6 Yoga Class Package
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 8 weeks.
6 Yoga Classes to use within 8 weeks

For you if....
- You want to commit to optimizing your health & wellbeing
- You prefer to purchase your yoga classes every 6-8 weeks
- Want to try regular classes before purchasing a 12 class package or monthly payment

12 Yoga Class Package
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 16 weeks.
12 Yoga classes to use within 16 weeks

For you if.....
- You prefer to purchase your classes every 12-16 weeks
- Your a shift worker and may not be able to attend every week