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Restore Health Membership
For busy working or retired women who wants to enjoy everyday life with less, pain and anxiety. Improving mind and body health to move more freely with confidence and joy.
* Up to 4 live stream classes per week ( worth £160)
* On demand classes (worth £25)
* Monthly 'Movement Morning' (extended live stream class 2 1/2 hours) (worth £35)
* 'Restore Myself' online retreats (1-2 a year) (worth £65 each)
* Members WhatsApp group
* Over £200 + each month for £35 a month
* Memberships are limited as we are an exclusive small group
* 48 weeks of 'live stream' classes are provided over a 12 month period
* When you or Restore Health are on holiday full monthly payment is still required (on demand classes available)
* If your holidays follow on from Restore Health holidays no exchange or refund is given (we would love you to join us from your holiday)
* You may come to as many classes a week as you choose, booking is still required due to class size
* We may be closed Bank Holiday Mondays
* You can cancel your membership anytime after 6 month giving 1 MONTHS NOTICE VIA EMAIL
* 6 Month commitment to your well-being is required (regular weekly attendance to make a positive change)
* Your membership monthly cost is frozen (you will never pay anymore for the entire length of your membership)
* Should you cancel and decide to re-join in the future you will lose your current monthly membership fee and will pay the new higher fee

12 Class Package
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 16 weeks.
12 'live streamed' classes to use within 16 weeks

For you if.....
- You prefer to purchase your classes every 12-16 weeks
- Your a shift worker and may not be able to attend every week

6 Class Package
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 8 weeks.
6 'live streamed' Classes to use within 8 weeks

For you if....
- You want to commit to optimizing your health & wellbeing
- You prefer to purchase your wellbeing classes every 6-8 weeks
- Want to try regular classes before purchasing a 12 class package or monthly payment