Reiki Drumming

Drumming is an ancient sound regarded as sacred and healing. In prehistoric times they used drumming for meditation and relaxation. They found it changed the way they felt and helped them gain a form of control over their environment.
For thousands of years drumming has been a deep and sacred part of cultures worldwide. The Celts, British, Irish, Native Americans, Siberian Tuvans, laps, north African Arabic tribes and Mongolians all used it as a powerful spiritual tool.

The drum rhythm reminds the body of its optimum vibration. It changes the brainwave pattern from Beta to ‘alpha state’ bringing about deep relaxation, altering the neuro endocrine and immunological response. Scientific research shows cortisol levels and blood pressure readings are positively lowered. Natural killer cells are more active and the drumming aids production of endorphins, assisting in pain control.
Spiritually the vibration encourages mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and chakras to become balanced, this gives mental and emotional harmony.

Increase heart rate and blood flow.
Engages the logical and intuitive parts of the brain.
Links us to the earth’s vibrations by slowing the brain waves to around 8 cycles per second, the earth’s frequency.
Places us in a medative state so enable us to access our higher power.
Releases negative cellular memories

Michael Arthur Baird a Reiki master/teacher from the US who runs the Infinite Light healing Studies Center in Sedona, Arizona first developed the technique.
He used to practice healing drumming without reiki and found it made him feel ill as he was absorbing the energies of the clients. He decided to strengthen his light with reiki, then charged his drum with the reiki energy. As he drummed over each person he visualised a reiki symbol moving from his hands through the drum and to them. The Reiki drum technique was born. Reiki brings love and light to deep healing.

Reiki drumming was brought to the UK my Reiki Master Sarah Gregg in 2007. I was blessed to be on her first course here.

3 techniques
Basic healing-white light-physical client issue-shapes etc
Mental /emotional reprogramming-affirmation

Cost is £300 as the drum cost is £130. If you source your own drum or have one then the cost drops to £170. We use Remo Buffalo synthetic drums. Please email me if you do not require a drum. Booking here requires a non returnable deposit of £100. The balance is due 2 weeks before the course or on the day.