28 Day Energy Challenge

The 28 Day Energy Challenge is an online programme and starts on the Sunday after you purchase the challenge. It’s delivered to your mobile phone every day via an app. On Sunday you will be set up with your induction on how to use the app and what to expect over the next 28 days. The programme consists of 4 habits (a new one every Monday) to practice and work on:

Food (3 balanced meals per day)
Movement (30 minutes per day)
Sleep (7 hrs bedtime per night)
Stress management (take time for yourself per day)

7 days per habit and you will receive a new lesson every day to give you more info on that particular habit, because it’s much easier to sustain when we understand WHY we do the things we do.

And when habits are put into place, we are more likely to maintain results for the long term.

You will also get 3 recipe books with 15 recipes each covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and smoothies.

You will also be able to log measurements, weight, food, sleep & mood levels via the app.

You can contact me via the app with any Q’s you may have.

The programme is in its beta testing hence the price €20 to give it a go and I’d be very interested to see how people get on and the results they get and following on the weeks after to see if people manage to keep up the habits they put in place.

Once purchased, you will get all the links and documents you need via email within 24 hours - it's very important that your email address is correct as we cannot make changes once the data has been sent.


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