1:30 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Undoing Sitting

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Isidora Vlachou

With most us spending more time at home than ever before or doing sedentary jobs, it’s easy to spend a whole day moving very little. We can reach the evening feeling stiff, unmotivated, and unable to wind down, and the idea of doing an online class can be unappealing after a day in front of the laptop...

Instead, join us for this brief, half-hour class you can fit into a lunch break, in which Isidora leads us through a flow of movements specially chosen to meet the needs of whoever’s in the class that day.

Use these classes to begin a regular habit of taking movement breaks after long periods of sitting. Feel strong through increased ranges of motion, and explore the endless potential of your body in a pleasant sequence of novel and effective movements every Tuesday and Thursday.

Sessions are available as Pay As You Go, or a monthly subscription of £15 per month for all our standard classes (approx 16 per month). First session is free with the discount code FREETRIAL.

Register with us before you start your first class as you will need to complete a short questionnaire about possible injuries/health and emergency contact numbers (as you would do if seeing a personal trainer).

If you do not have Zoom installed, you can still gain live access by opening in your web browser.

FAQ: http://bristolcooperativegym.org/frequently-asked-questions/



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