11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Maintaining Strength and Fitness During the Lockdown - Free Workshop

18 out of 30 Attendees
Guy Lochhead

It can be hard to stay active during this pandemic with the restrictions on movement, limited access to facilities and equipment, stress, and many other pressing demands for our time, but we all know the benefits of doing so.

Our coach Guy presents a free workshop to hopefully help us navigate some of this.

We will:
- identify what you want from your exercise routine
- consider what you can and can't do without access to a gym
- explore the minimum training dose for maintaining strength, fitness and flexibility
- see how your current schedule may already meet those requirements
- make tweaks or build in extra activity to make up any shortfall
- learn from research around habit-forming and behavioural psychology to try to make this approach stick



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