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Applebees Beginners Course (ABC)

This course has been cancelled
An 8 week online course teaching you how to exercise safely from start to finish and adapting exercises to suit your current ability.

Each 30 minute session will give a detailed workshop on how to perform exercise with correct technique and form, importance of warm ups and cool downs and the benefits of different training types.

Session 1 – Introduction - A detailed discussion and workshop including the fundamentals of warm up and cool down exercises and their importance.

Session 2 – Squat clinic. Achieve the perfect squat for you! Learn the correct technique, foot position, and depth of a simple squat. Understand how it can be incorporated into many workout styles, progressed or regressed to fit the individual and how it can be beneficial in everyday life.

Session 3 – CORE. Learn the importance of a strong core. This will include core based exercises that will improve balance and stability throughout the body, whilst adapted to suit each individual.

Session 4 – Beginner cardio. An introduction into cardiovascular health. Including light cardio exercises designed to increase heart rate in a safe and controlled way. Adapted to each individual.

Session 5 – Upper body. We will focus on targeting the upper body including: upper back, chest, shoulders and arms using a variety of exercises that will strengthen and stretch the upper body.

Session 6 – Alternative exercises. This session will introduce you to something a little different. We will cover exercises using props at home (during lockdown) such as chairs and steps, as well as shadow boxing where we will work on the correct stance, footwork and breathing.

Session 7 – your session – A recap session focused on you and what you have enjoyed. A chance for you to go over any exercises that you feel you need to. We will work on progression and adapting styles to suit you.

Sessions 8- Progression Test - A combination of all previous weeks put into a collection of workouts.

- Access to a private facebook group
- can join in live or catch up at a later date
- home workouts available including technique videos