All Memberships
Aphrodite Membership
Weekly classes you are entitled to include:

• x 1 Pole/ Aerials class (Pole, Silks, Hoops or Trapeze)
• x 1 Stretch session
• x 1 Practice session

Hera Goddess Membership
Hera Goddess of the goddesses - Queen of The Gods.

Weekly classes you are entitled to include:

• x 4 aerial classes (pole, hoop, silk, trapeze)
• x 2 stretch classes
• x 1 practice classes (or twerk)

Olympia Membership

Entitles you to per week:

2 Aerial/Pole classes a week
1 Stretch
1 Drop-in
(4 classes in total)

*** Introductory Package *** (νέος)
Brand new membership entitles you to
Introductory Package

1x pole or aerial class a week
1 x pay as you go class

Use code: XQDLSGRR to receive a discount off your first month for brand new members only!
Adults only.

Like all of our memberships there are NO joining fees and you are not tied in for 6/12 months! You can cancel at any point giving us at least 30 days notice.

Circus Childrens Classes
Childrens Circus Classes.

Ages 5- 13 years old.

Weekly classes learning Aerial Hoops, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Pole Fitness, Sling, and many more!