All Memberships
Weekly entitlement
1x aerial, pole or dance class
1 x studio stretch OR practice

Aphrodite Membership
Weekly classes you are entitled to include:

• x 1 Pole/ Aerials / Dance class
• x 1 studio Stretch session
• x 1 Practice session

Olympia Membership
Entitles you to per week:

2 x pole, aerial or dance classes a week
2 x stretch or practice

Zeus Membership (Sky God)
Zeus! (Sky god!)

The highest membership designed for those that eat, sleep and dream Athena.

6 x aerial / dance / pole classes
2 x stretch
1 x practice

20% off in-house workshops and masterclasses

*** Introductory Package *** (νέος)
Brand new membership entitles you to

1x aerial or dance class a week

Like all of our memberships there are NO joining fees and you are not tied in for 6/12 months! You can cancel at any point giving us at least 31 days notice.

Twerk class pack
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 3 months.
Valid for 3 months

January offer - £70 valid for 8 classes valid for
3 months.

To only be used for Twerk classes.

Poseidon - Class Pack
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 3 months.
10 x classes to use within a 3 month period. Up to £50 discount.

Can be used in any classes.

Suitable for:
For anyone that can’t commit to a membership or wants a bolt-on to their current membership.

No extensions, refunds or swaps available.