Adult Customised Small Group Training Women's - Gold
This membership allows the following:

- Movement screening/assessment
- 3 x small group training sessions per week
- Unlimited access to group training classes (6/week)
- Nutrition guide/coaching

***Please contact us to arrange your consultation/screening before your first scheduled session.
  • £85.00 per month
    Terms and conditions
    These terms and conditions are entered into by and between ’Next Generation Fitness and Performance’ and the ‘member’

    The membership entitles the usage of Next Generation Fitness and Performance facilities and the equipment & services available therein.

    The membership is personal, and cannot be shared.

    Age Limit:
    The member confirms that he/she is 18 years old or older. If a youth member parent signature required.

    The member confirms that he/she does not suffer from health problems that would hinder exercise or prevent him/her from engaging in exercise, or that would be detrimental or adverse to the member’s health, safety or physical condition if he/she did exercise. In case of any doubt, the member shall seek advice by a medical doctor who should confirm the ability to exercise. Next Generation Fitness and performance shall have no obligation to perform a fitness assessment or similar testing to determine the members’ physical condition. If an assessment is done at Next Generation Fitness and Performance, it is for the sole purpose of tracking the Members’ progress in a programme and not for diagnostic purposes.

    The member confirms that he/she holds the necessary insurances to cover any accident or training incident. Next Generation Fitness and Performance shall not be subject to any claim, demand, or injury whatsoever with regard to the assessment of the members’ health condition or for any injury arising out of the members’ disability, impairment or ailment.

    Each member of Next Generation Fitness and Performance shall be liable for any property damage and/or personal injury caused by the member at the Next Generation Fitness and Performance premises. It shall be the obligation of the member to pay for any costs involved upon presentation of a statement thereof.

    Waiver of Liability:
    Any and all use of the Next Generation Fitness and Performance facilities shall be at members’ own risk at all times. The member shall not utilize the equipment unless he/she knows the correct usage. Next Generation Fitness and Performance shall not be liable for any injuries, physical impact damages to the member, or the property of the member, or be subject to any claim arising out of the use of the premises and/or of the machines made available to the users.

    Lost Property or Theft:
    Next Generation Fitness and Performance does not take responsibility for loss or theft of any personal belongings. Any items left at Next Generation Fitness and Performance premises will be kept for a period of 2 weeks.

    Use of the Facilities:
    The facility shall be used for training purposes only. No other activity will be allowed, and violations will be sanctioned. For example, sleeping and lingering are not allowed. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances is not allowed. Working out under the influence of any alcohol or drug is not allowed. Conducting business or paid services is not allowed.

    Code of Conduct:
    The Member shall respect the behavioural and operating principles and follow them on all occasions. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Wearing appropriate and clean clothes and shoes.
    • Never allowing entrance into Next Generation Fitness and Performance premises to anybody else.
    • Behaving in a friendly and respectful manner towards the other members in the gym as well as the staff.

    Suspension/Termination of Membership:
    If the member behaves in a way that breaches the code of conduct, interferes or disturbs other members or staff, or that the management considers inappropriate, the membership can be suspended or terminated at managements’ sole discretion. If the member does not pay the membership fees, the membership can be suspended or terminated at managements’ sole discretion. The payment duty remains until the original contract period ends.

    Access & Security:
    Next Generation Fitness and Performance is open during class timing. The member agrees to camera surveillance in the Next Generation Fitness and Performance facilities, where the data will be stored for 30 days, then deleted. The member guarantees to never let in any other person into the Next Generation Fitness and Performance premises without prior consent from the management.

    Next Generation Fitness and Performance will be closed for 1 week at Christmas. Next Generation Fitness and Performance also reserves the right to close premises at any other time should it be deemed necessary by management.

    Payments and Cancellations:
    Payment is dependent on type of membership held with Next Generation Fitness and Performance:

    Adults Customised Small Group Training Membership – Billed every month, on a 6 month minimum contract which continues on a rolling monthly basis until cancellation. Payment for the first month will be pro-rated according to the days remaining in the month.

    If you miss or cancel a booked class/session without at least 24 hours notice, you will still be charged or this will count towards your membership usage allowance. Any classes/sessions cancelled with at least 24 hours notice can be rescheduled within that same week, subject to availability.

    All classes/sessions are subject to availability and participation limits. Trainers and sessions are subject to change.

    Start Date & Duration:
    The start date of the membership is specified during the sign-up and duration is specified in payment terms.

    Renewal & Cancellation:
    Each membership on a prescribed term will revert to a monthly rolling contract after initial contract period.

    Written notice of cancellation required 30 days in advance. Any payment due with 30 days will still be payable to Next Generation Fitness and Performance.

    Price Changes:
    All prices are fixed for the duration of the contract. A price change can be implemented for the prolongation of a contract. In such cases the price change is communicated via email 2 months before the effective date.

    Frozen Membership:
    It is possible to freeze the membership due to i) medical reasons, upon presentation of a medical certificate, or ii) military service upon presentation of the official call to duty. The membership can be frozen for 1-3 months and is automatically activated once the frozen period ends. The membership cannot be frozen in retrospect.

    Transfer Membership:
    Membership is not transferrable for any reason.